You know you’re a student when

So I have had an internet connection for the last few days but, although I have had a slightly laid back life, I haven’t had the time to write a post. Or to be honest the creativity to get my mind working.

After fighting with my laptop for the last couple of days, I have stolen a mouse out of my boyfriends computer bag, Shhhh!

My freshers week

So today I thought that I would write a post called, you know you’re a student when. So have you officially become a student?

  1. You have the worlds largest bag of pasta.

When I moved into my Uni Halls one of the first things I noticed was that one of my flatmates and I had both brought the worlds largest bag of pasta. I have to say all my flat enjoyed the pasta for the whole of the first term. (oooh it was good!)

2.You have gone out to a freshers event. 

I know that not everyone likes going out to a clubs however freshers week is always an exception. The experience of going out with your new friends will be memories I love looking back on.

My freshers week with my friends was amazing. I would honestly not every take it back, even the awkward stuff.

 3.You decided something stupid is a meal.

On my first night, and second, I thought a pot noodle was a sensible choice before drinking. missed home 

I know this is something that everyone hates about going away from university, and having fun is great, but missing home is something that is totally normal! Yesterday I ended up crying because I missed home. It was my mummy’s birthday.

5.You make a load of new friends. 

You are officially a student when you have met your flatmates, course mates or Randomers and have made them your friends.

Have a great week!