A new home: before you start!

Your home!Last week, while I was sitting in my journalism seminar when I looked at my phone to see the time. I saw the best thing a blogger can see; a message from a reader. Jenny said that she wanted some information about getting a house. So here it is.

Before I begin I want to say one thing! Don’t worry about look for a house yet!

A new home: Before you start!

I know this seems like a weird thing to say but there are a number of things you need to think of before you start doing anything about getting a house.

  1. friends, flatmates, who?

The first thing you need to do is start thinking about who you want to live with. I think the majority of people end up living with at least one person they lived with in their first year. However if you have friends from your course or a society that you get on with then they might be a great person to live with.

  1. Habits.

One of the biggest things you need to think about is if you are going to manage to live with these people. If your OCD and your friend is a mucky pup then maybe living together won’t be a great idea. Not only do you need to think about your cleanliness habits but also general living habits.  Although everyone in their first year is mad keen on going out, what are you naturally like? Will you want to go out every night or would you be concentrating on course work.

I am not saying Party animals need to live together and book worms live together, but you don’t want to be the only one not going out.

  1. Couples

Although I am living in a house as a couple, this is one thing I would discourage. I know, do as I say, not as I do, but this is my experience. University has an amazing way of making all relationship feel so much more special and grown up, wether it is friendships or boyfriend/Girlfriend relationship. This can mean that relationship are too hot and heavy to actually last a long time.

I have heard so many stories of couples deciding to live together and then breaking up in the summer. This is an awkward situation of two people who really don’t want to be together having to live together.

As well as saying that, I would also say that living with a couple can be really hard as well. Just as I said before, what if they breakup? you are likely to be stuck in the middle. Not only this but couples naturally support each other this can also mean that they side with each other in arguments.

  1. How many rooms?

It is obvious that you will need as many rooms as people. If you are a couple, you will still have to get a room each, that will be one of the rules set in place by the landlord.

One of the big things is that the more bedrooms you want to more messed up your house would be. Four bedrooms seems to be the most common number of rooms for a student house however even with four bedrooms you can end up with one room downstairs.

Anything more than four rooms can mean you don’t have a proper living room area.

  1. living alone!

You don’t have to be a loner to want to live on your own, in fact some of the bubbliest people live in an apartment. It can be a great way to live on your own and spend time at your friends houses.

They tend to include a double bed, a kitchen area, an ensuit, a sofa, desk and sometimes a large TV. In my local area there are ‘Code’ Buildings that are specifically designed for this purpose, they also have communal living rooms. They are around £100 for a room there.

I hope that this has helped you out.

At the beginning I said don’t look yet, the reason for this that you have only really known your friends for a short amount of time. This whirlwind friendship can make you seem like the best of friends however once you have stepped away you may decide that you don’t get on so well.

Houses are often not even put on the market until after Christmas anyway, so Don’t panic!

Love lauren blog sign off


10 things you don’t know about me.

 Youtube tags have always been really popular, so I have decided to do the 10 things tag on here!  

1)I write in color. 

Every time I write any of the posts that I upload onto Uni Confessions are actually written in a bright colour. My most normal colours are varying colours of blue or a bright pink. I also write in interesting fonts.. I find that its more interesting to stare at. 

 2)I can’t drive. 

I may be 19 but I don’t own a car and haven’t passed my test. I have tried to take my driving test before but failed. My main problem is that I am not confident when I am in any types of tests. The stress just got too much and I made some stupid mistakes. 


I used to have a youtube Channel called BeautyCupboard. As you can imagine from the name it was a beauty channel. I would try to do makeup tutorials although at the time I really wasn’t very good at makeup. 

 4)I am doing Makeup. 

Outside of my uni course, Over the summer, I started doing a makeup artistry course. I have a slight addiction to make up and after talking to my mum I decided that I could possibly turn in into a career.

 5)I am addicted to Indian Food. 

I think you may slightly already know this from my cooking ideas. However I thought I would describe in more details. When my mum was pregnant she travelled to India with my dad and Granddad, I think that I had way too much curry in her womb. 


The first time I stood up on my own I did it to try and grab a samosa. I still didn’t get it 😦

 6)I have tiny feet. 

You probably read that and thought. Oh small feet, thats not very interesting. Size 4 maybe? Oh no, don’t be silly you can actually get shoes in that size! My feet are a teeny tiny size 2.5. That half really matters! 

 7) I planned my mum’s wedding. 

I am a slight addict at planning events. In fact for a while I thought about doing Event Management at uni. Since I have started uni I have been told by a number of people I should plan weddings (and have promised some friends I will plan theirs.) 

 8) I love watching crime shows. 

I may seem very girly but you will often find me watching Criminal minds. I love trying to work out what happened! At the moment I am addicted to Homeland. 

 9) I used to be able to recite every line from the tempest. 

As a child I went to drama school every weekend, my father was an actor and I tried to follow in his footsteps. I was part of a production of the tempest and once I did that I spent my own time learning every one of miranda’s lines. 

 10) I don’t drink coffee or tea. 

Some people think I am weird but I don’t enjoy either. However I am thinking that I might try one of those fancy-smancy kinda coffee drinks from Starbucks.  

So Those are 10 things I don’t think you know about me! Have you got one to share? Comment below. Talk to you soon.