How to survive university

I thought for my first post of the new year I would look at how to survive university. Students all around the country are currently looking at what university they should go to and sending in their applications. So let’s give them a heads up! 

 Make friends.

Everyone makes friends so easily at uni, its the atmosphere. However if you sit in your room, not talking to any one and counting down the days you can go back to family or your other half, your unlikley to do very well. Your friends will help you out when your stressed with work, need advice and take you out when you want to be boring.

Be organized.

The worst thing would be if you realized you 5,000 word essay was due in tomorrow, or worse last week. Keep a diary, where you have written all you deadlines, presentations, and exams. I missed one of mine in the first year due to remembering it wrong.

 Go out. 

I am not a huge night clubber, I would prefer to have good night in with a bottle of vodka and a group of friends. I think in the first year you need to go on nights out, because half of my memories are from funny things that happen on nights out.

 Learn how to reference. 

One of the things that I think EVERY student needs to learn as soon as possible, is how to reference. In my house I am the Queen of referencing and my housemates are always asking me advice. However when I was in my first year, I failed loads of my assignments because I didnt reference properly. Does your university do Harvard Referencing?

Don’t forget the people at home.

For me this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, your friends from school, college or wherever should stay your friends when your at university and unfortunately it is far too easy to leave them behind.

 Don’t Stress. 

As long as your putting effort into your course work, making friends and having fun then you are doing uni right. Don’t worry too much about how high your grades are, in your first year it really doesn’t matter.

Lauren. x


Third year: Term One.

Well 2013 is almost over, which means that so is the first term of my final year at university, that seems very strange to say.

I can’t believe that I am already in my second year, I still feel like I am finding my way around university and I am defiantly not cleaver enough to be un my final year. However I am and in 6 months I will be standing up on the stage dressed in my cap and gown receiving my diploma, or at least I hope I will be.

If I had to use one word to describe this year it would be: Difficult. Whenever you talk to adults about university, they are always so impressed, talk about how it takes a lot of brains and how you have to be very organized. Well I have always felt like a fraud, uni life is a lot more having fun than it is studying. Last year I would get home, get back into bed with my boyfriend and watch TV (but don’t tell my parents!)

This year however, the weeks I don’t have hand-ins I feel like I need to be working on future assignments, the weeks I do have assignments, I don’t cook, don’t go out, in fact i pretty much only work on my assignments. Hopefully the second term will be a little easier, but i would be shocked if it was.

I am not trying to scare anyone, when I started this, at the end of my first year, it was to give an accurate indication of what people should expect at university, and that is what I hope to achieve.

I should also note, I am a slight worrier, and I don’t have my boyfriend to calm me down when things get rough, unfortunately.

Hope you all had a great christmas, I will have another post tomorrow.


Lauren x

5 really easy Halloween Costumes for uni students

It’s almost that time of year, when witches, ghosts and werewolf all come out to play. If your at uni, it is probably going to be a big night out, actually a big couple of nights! So here at Uni Confessions HQ we thought we could come up with some fancy dress ideas for you!


Black Swan 

What is scarier than a schizophrenic Ballet dancer? Ok a lot, but it makes a nice looking costume!

All you need is a black top (preferably strapless) and tutu, put your hair up into a bun. For your makeup you need flawless foundation, a very dark eye and red/dark lips. It’s the makeup that makes this outfit work!


I can guarantee you will see a hundred witches on your night out, but let’s be honest it’s easy!

Get out your little black dress, you must own one! Simply add a witches hat (this will be stolen by most of the people in the club) I told you this was easy. Once again I would go with a dark eye look.


My flatmate has been searching through her dressing up box, something owned by both 5 year olds and uni students. She has finally decided on wearing a pirates costume, and this is how you can do it.

Get a white shirt, one with ruffles on the front would be great. Add leggings or loose skirt, put a thick belt around your waist and add a bandana to your head. If you want to go all the way don’t forget your eye patch! Boots would look great with this but you might get a bit hot!

Cereal Killer 

While I was looking for ideas for halloween I found this and thought it looked very funny.

Go to your nearest super market and get a multipack of cereal (the little ones) stick these to a t-shirt using double sided tape add some fake blood and some plastic knives. Carry around a fake bloody knife and you are all set, plus you have breakfast!

Just add blood

If you want a really simple costume, just wear what you normally would on a night out, or an outfit you already have (cheerleading, rubgy ect.) add a white face, black ringed eyes and blood. Back comb your hair and you are all set to go.

Don’t get too scared!

Lauren x

My 2nd year review


Worrying about uni work and home!

At the end of my first year I wrote a review of the year. Moving out of my university halls had a big affect on me. It was where I had met my boyfriend and people that had become my closest friends. I decided that in my second year I would write a review at the end of every term.

However as soon as the second year started I knew something was wrong, I didn’t enjoy being in my house, so I found in hard writing about university life without feeling like I was complaining and being rude to my house mates. So today I thought I would write a quick review of my second year.


In my second year I lived with my boyfriend and another couple. It started off brilliantly, we spent time together in our living room. However as freshers week ended the other couple spent more and more time in her room, it had become ‘theirs’. My boyfriend and I would stay downstairs hoping they would join us but they never did.

Although I enjoyed living with my boyfriend, it did mean we ended up spending pretty much all of our time together, not great for any relationship. I wasn’t happy in the house but didn’t go out with my other friends very often. I sound like I am complaining, I did have some amazing times in that house and my boyfriend and I grew much closer. However I wouldn’t go back.


Something happened in my second year at uni. I went from getting alright grades to getting high 2:1 and lots of 1:1. Yes, you have read this right I got a First!!

My lectures felt so much more interesting than they did in the first year. I started studying Public Relations and Gender and Identity studies. Public Relations allowed me to start to study a subject I had been interested in perusing for a while. Since I was younger I saw Public Relations as a job that I could do, in fact over the summer I did just that.

In Gender and Identities we look at the way people’s identities were constructed by the media and how the media portrayed certain people as better than others. This is a subject that I feel in love with and helped me decide on what to do for my dissertation.

By the end of the year I had handed in my dissertation proposal and had some great feedback.

This year I am really looking forward to researching and writing my dissertation and I have moved into a much better house, with some amazing friends. This year, could be my last, and could be the best!

I hope your year is going well!


Time to wash

When you move away to university you have to learn new skills and learn them quickly. One of the things I didn’t think about having to learn was how to clean my clothes. I quickly learnt I had 3 options. I could learn to do it myself, get a boyfriend/ girlfriend to do it (that’s what my boyfriend did!) or make my Mommy do it. So I learnt how to do it, it was pretty damn easy.

So I thought I would help you share my uni washing tips! The washing machines is university halls are often bigger than the traditional washing machine you would find at home. You are also likely to have to pay  to use them, it was £2:20-£2:40 in my halls.

My washing machine

What you will need:

Dirty clothes

Washing powder/tablets

Washing machine


Step One:

The first thing you need to do is separate your washing. The easiest way to do that is by having separate laundry bags; one for colors, one for whites and one for delicates. However if you don’t do that you can separate them before you put them into the washing machine.

Step Two:

Once you have put your clothes into the washing machine then you need to add your washing powder/ tablet. Read the information on the packaging of your chosen product as they can all differ. I like using bold, it has a nice smell and seems to do well washing my clothes. 

Step Three:

You need to decide what setting you should put it on. I would suggest always putting it on 30 degrees. As it cleans your clothes while being better for the environment!

Step Four:

Start the washing machine and walk away! Don’t forget to check what time you need come back. It’s really annoying if people leave it for ages!

Step Five:

Once the washing has finished you either need to put it in a tumble dryer (More money) or air dry it on a clothes horse.

Now you have lovely clean clothes!

Freshers Food: super quick Pasta Sauce


400g tin of chopped tomatoes

1 large onion

2 Large cloves of garlic

Table spoon of Chili powder

Olive oil


  1. add approximately half a tablespoon of olive oil into the bottom of the pan.
  2. Chop the onion into small pieces and add to the oil. Crush the two cloves of garlic into the oil as well and allow the onions to turn a golden brown.
  3. Once the onions have been cooked add the tins of tomatoes and the chili  to the onions and allow it cook.
  4. It will take 10-15 minutes until it is ready.
  5. Just add to your pasta and enjoy!

Are rom-coms as bad as porn?

A news report today talked about how teenagers easy access to porn has warped the way they think about a healthy sexual relationship. This got me thinking, don’t Romantic comedies do the same?

The truth is I’ve been watching romantic films since I was a child. As a toddler Cinderella was the only film I would watch, as I got older it turned into West Side Story and then the Notebook. All through my life I have been shown these perfect relationships where the guys sweep in and change her life. Of course this has affected me.

Unlike porn It hasn’t made me think that I can have random sex anywhere, that lasts forever, in fact it has almost done the opposite. All these Rom-Coms have given me an unnatural view on how guys really act, and what a healthy relationship is like. These films depict men who win over their love with some huge gesture, they fall in love, he treats her like a princess and they never argue. I guess deep down I always expected some guy to come along with some cheesy line buy me flowers and chocolate and we would live together happily ever after.

The thing is, I love my boyfriend and I feel like my relationship is great but I sometimes find myself getting annoyed because he isn’t a Hugh Grant character. I know I shouldn’t expect him to be perfect, I know i’m not! But I think every girl wishes that Noah would come into her life, sweep her off her feet and live happily ever after.

Just like porn, Rom-Coms have given me this idolized version of reality. I guess one  of the main problems is that while men are seeing a reality where sex is the main object; Women are seeing a world where romance is key. Can we really say that either of these worlds are true representation of a relationship?