The Big V

Well, It’s that time of year again. The time when singletons are made to feel pathetic and Couples are forced to buy gifts, Yes Valentines day!


I have to admit I have a love/ hate relationship with Valentines day. I have fond memories of being at school and people passing around cards, and I love an excuse to go out and do something special with my boyfriend. But I also feel like doing something special on one day because your told your meant to is no where near as special as just randomly celebrating you love with each other. And do you want to know my biggest hate of all?

Every restaurant known to man, will have the tiniest menu at prices triple the normal value, and there restaurant will be packed, making your romantic night feel slightly less romantic as you can hear the people next to you talking. So I have tried to come up with some ideas of how to celebrate without needing a new student loan!

  1. Why Thursday?

Unless you have a real attachment to February 14th there is no need to actually stick to that day. Like I said earlier the prices of food and drink are raised on Valentines day, so why not go out on the Wednesday, or even the week after. You will still have a great night out but the likelihood is you will have a larger menu to choose from and it will be cheaper.

  1. Cook.

I know cooking can seem super boring but if you and your lover (that word makes me cringe!) work together to create a meal, it can be great fun as well as really tasty. You will also be saving loads of money, although you will have to face the washing up!

  1. Takeaway

If your a good student who doens’t eat takeaways very often (or not.) this can be a nice treat. Last year my boyfriend and I had a lovely night watching a film and eating from our favorite takeaway.

  1. Meals for 2

I swear every supermarket does those dine for 2 people deals nowadays. You normally get a main course, side dish, pudding and a bottle of wine. They tend to be £5-£10, you normally can just whack them in the oven, or microwave and they do all the work on their own. I admit I have had a few of the tesco’s ones and they are devine!

  1. Cinema

My final idea is pretty simple don’t go out for a meal, why not just go to the cinema or another date night favorite. It will be loads cheaper.

  1. One extra!

My boyfriend and I have decided no presents, it is likely to save us both a fair amount and we don’t have loads to through around at the moment.

I hope you enjoy Valentines day weather your single or coupled up!


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Some useful videos.

ImageUniversity Students are known for having no money, but with us getting a Student Loan from the Government how do we become so poor?

In my first year at university, I have learnt a lot of things, the main on being that students don’t know how to budget! Nobody I know had any plan with what they were going to do with their money. In fact you would be surprised with the amount of people who spend all their money in Fresher Week.

I managed to do rather well, and kept money for the holidays. However not enough for the summer holidays. Next year I am hoping that I will have enough money to keep me going over the summer holidays. So I have been scouring Youtube and came across an amazing Blog and Youtube channel called A Thrift Mrs. She has recently uploaded a series of videos about University and how not to get into debt.

Her blog is updated all the time and always has great tips on keeping your house in shape and saving money. Basically everything a University Student needs! On Saturday she also updates her blog with some great deal for the week.

Here are here video.

Part one:

Part two: