Cosmopolitan masterclass: London!

ImageSo a few weeks ago I got an excited text message from my friend, Jess saying she had seen an advert in Cosmo magazine about their masterclass. They had an amazing looking panel including Louise Court (Cosmo editor), Jazz Kaur (PR for Benefit), Cherry Healey (BBC3 Doc presenter), Chloe Melick (co-found of inside/out PR), Nicole Mowbray (Daily Mail’s Life & Style editor) and Pat McNulty (Cosmo’s digital editor). I am hoping to get into PR when I have finished university so the 2 women in PR as well as the amazing Cherry Healey, how could I say no?

We decided that we would take a coach from Leicester to London, in a short 3 hour trip!!! but the price was good and we were students. By the time we got Into the center of London it was about 2 O’Clock, so we grabbed a hotdog and queued for the London eye.


I feel slightly bad because the other friend that came with Jess and I was Rhea and she is scared of heights, I didn’t realise how scared. We got into the pod (???) and Rhea sat on the bench in the middle and barely moved for the next 40 minutes.

Once we had finished the London eye it was about 4:00, I have no idea where the time went. We got back on the tube and headed to Covent Garden, where the masterclass was held, it turns out that Covent Garden is filled with health restaurants that serve tofu burger with a shot of wheat grass, we looked around and eventually found a pub that served food. It turned out to be the worst food ever!

After dinner we headed to the cosmopolitan event, when we got there the room was filled with very over dressed girls, most of whom looked like they were ready for a night out rather than a seminar, I felt like a bit of a let down after my makeup had worn off over the day. We sat down to find our goody bag, filled with some amazing products (a review coming soon!) The masterclass started with Louise Court asking the rest of the panel a number of questions, all of which gave a great insight into the media profession. They covered getting work experience, what is involved in their job, how social media has affected their jobs. They then went onto asking questions from the audience, the different questions were really great, although most people asked personal questions that only referred to them.


Overall it was a great experience and I have booked onto the next masterclass the Blogging one!


Youtube: Introduction Tag


So if you have been following me for a while you will know that I have mentioned starting a youtube channel for a while. Well last week I finally created it.

I have started off with an Introduction tag, as a way to get to know me. You will also get to see what I look like! I am still finding it slightly strange but I will try and upload some more videos and get used to posting videos for you all to see.

Anyway here is the video I hope you enjoy it!

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