Are rom-coms as bad as porn?

A news report today talked about how teenagers easy access to porn has warped the way they think about a healthy sexual relationship. This got me thinking, don’t Romantic comedies do the same?

The truth is I’ve been watching romantic films since I was a child. As a toddler Cinderella was the only film I would watch, as I got older it turned into West Side Story and then the Notebook. All through my life I have been shown these perfect relationships where the guys sweep in and change her life. Of course this has affected me.

Unlike porn It hasn’t made me think that I can have random sex anywhere, that lasts forever, in fact it has almost done the opposite. All these Rom-Coms have given me an unnatural view on how guys really act, and what a healthy relationship is like. These films depict men who win over their love with some huge gesture, they fall in love, he treats her like a princess and they never argue. I guess deep down I always expected some guy to come along with some cheesy line buy me flowers and chocolate and we would live together happily ever after.

The thing is, I love my boyfriend and I feel like my relationship is great but I sometimes find myself getting annoyed because he isn’t a Hugh Grant character. I know I shouldn’t expect him to be perfect, I know i’m not! But I think every girl wishes that Noah would come into her life, sweep her off her feet and live happily ever after.

Just like porn, Rom-Coms have given me this idolized version of reality. I guess one  of the main problems is that while men are seeing a reality where sex is the main object; Women are seeing a world where romance is key. Can we really say that either of these worlds are true representation of a relationship?