The Stress of Exams


Me at university- Stressed!

Over the last few weeks my Facebook timeline has been filled with desperate posts about revising and sitting exams, everyone hoping to get into university. Every time I read one of these posts it takes me back to when I was sitting my exams.

I have never been academically smart, I have struggled by being a solid C student. While my friends managed to walk into an exam, without revision. “I looked through my notes this morning.” was a phrase I heard too many times, followed a few months later by a soul killing “Oh, I got an A.”

At aged 7 my English teacher and tutor diagnosed me with Dyslexia, I struggled with my writing, often merging 3 words together, and always adding an ‘E’ where it wasn’t needed. However in my following schools they dismissed the idea, saying I was boarder line but it wasn’t serious enough to give me any additional house.

While I sat my A-levels and GCSE’s the pressure got too much for me, I constantly stressed about not doing enough revision or that I would suddenly forget everything when I got into the exam. I swear it actually did!

However after all my stressing, my worrying, emotional breakdowns and moody attitude. I got into university. Looking back over my school years I am amazed. I went from the girl at bottom of the class, who had been told she had Dyslexia to the person I am today, studying Journalism, getting firsts in my coursework and doing really well.

What’s the point of the post. Although your exams are important and you want to do your best. Don’t stress out about it, In my case I don’t think I got the right grades but my chosen university sit let me in any.

Trust me, everything will work out perfectly!



Who is bright?

I am sure you have heard the news of education secretary, Michael Grove’s plans to get rid of the current GCSE’s and put in place an O-Level style examination which will account for 100% of your grades. The idea behind this is the “top grades will only go the the brightest pupils.” but what makes a student bright. As this is school related, as is this blog in a way, I thought I would write my thoughts.

I was always the child who put in so much effort at school. I would study for weeks before an exam, meanwhile my friends would be messing around on the computer or watching tv. However I would always be the one who would be amazed if I got a C and for a reason that was normally my highest grade!

After struggling though years of school, through what felt like exam after exam. I finally scrapped my way into college, while I was there I enrolled on a coursework based course. Of course the rest of my friends from school easily got into A-Levels with minimal work.

On my course, everyday went into course work. Every day I did something that would give me my final grade. Rather than spending most of the 2 years doodling my way through a lesson followed by a few hours of intense pressure. Everyday counted, my friends never understood why I wouldn’t go out in the week, why I was so worried about doing my work on time. They didn’t need the same dedication.

In my case doing a course-work based subject was the only way I would get into University. In fact I feel like one of the reasons I have adapted to university so well is because my course had already been similar to that for 2 years.

Why are we telling students they are stupid because they can’t do exams? I spent years thinking I was so thick because I failed so many exams but actually I am so much cleaver in so many more ways.

I have a friend who is super smart on paper, gets A’s easily but has the common sense of a 3 year old. Where as I have good communication skills, empathy and creativity he is book smart. But which one of us is brighter? Well it depends on the situation. I would much prefer him to be my Surgeon. He would know exactly the proper way to do it. But he would suck as a normal doctor and would really suck as a writer.

We are all bright in our own way. So Mr Grove, I am not stupid! I just can’t do exams. I have learnt for 3 years know in a way that everyday counts, just like it will at work.

So watch out for when I’m a journalist!

This post was not meant to look down on A-level students, I really admire that you can do exams but it just shows some people shine in other ways.

What are your thoughts on the new exams?

P.s. sorry If this made no sense.

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