Moving out: Cleaning

Can you believe summer is here already? At uni that means only one thing, it’s time to move out! So I am going to do a moving out series starting with cleaning!

At the end of every tenancy you will have a huge inspection, where the landlords work out what they can charge you for. You will need to do the biggest clean up you have done all year! So here are my key tips!

Cleaning the bathroom

Ok, so I wasn’t really cleaning!

  1. The key cleaning kit! 

Whenever I am cleaning there are a number of key thing that I like to have on hand.

  • J clothes. These are great for cleaning every surface you can think of.
  • Wet cloths (i.e. Daisy Pink grapefruit wipes) These are great at cleaning up small areas of dirty. I use these on my dressing table and bathroom sink.
  • Bleach. I have used this to clean everything from a completely grimy plate to my bathroom. Trust me last year my whole bathroom was cleaned with bleach. Just be careful of clothes.
  • Toilet cleaner. It’s all in the name.

2. Some handy tips I’ve picked up on the way

-Lemon Juice. This helps to clean the watermarks off your shower.

-Bin Bags. You will need a million of them. Be ruthless about what you take home.

-Storage boxes. and lots of space. You will need somewhere to put your uni stuff over the summer. If your not careful your room will be filled with pots and pans.

3)Some extra tips

-Paper work. Digg out the paperwork you filled in when you moved in the house/ flat. What where the problems in the room?

-Get snappy. Take some pictures of your bedroom and the communal areas. If you get charged for anything you don’t feel is fair you can argue your case with photos.

I hope your cleaning goes well!

Lauren x

Uni Confessions 

-Got very burnt on one arm at work on Sunday.

-I can’t believe Uni Confessions will be 1 in a few months!

-Hoping to do some great collaborations soon.

-Also want to thank Jenny for her help over on Facebook 



My handbag survival bag!

My Emergency Bag!

Since I have my new handbag, which I wrote about in my last post, I have decided to become more organized. You will see a pattern in my blogs coming up!

So I have created a small Survival kit that I carry around in my handbag and I thought I would share it with you.

inside the bag.

The first product I have in my kit is an Impulse spray in ‘Temptation’. This is a spray one of my friends brought for me a while back and I don’t normally see the point of a body spray. I use deodorant and perfume normally but I thought it would be a great if it’s a hot day or I have been rushing around and I need a quick refresh.

Impulse temptation.

I also have Vaseline in Rosy Lips. I quiet often find I have dried lips so this just helps to keep them soft. Vaseline is also one of those useful things to have.

Vaceline Rose Lips

This is a great product for on the go makeup touch-up. It has a relatively large mirror, a cream to powder foundation and a small sponge for application. So, it’s basically it has everything you need, I often use it if my foundation is starting to fade.

My compact

I first discovered rescue remedy while I was on holiday in South Africa and I was amazed that this magical little product made me feel so much better when I was ill. So it is now a must have! You only need a few drops of the liquid either into water or directly down your throat. It really seems to work!

Rescue Remedy.

This perfume was given to me in a box set ages ago. It’s not my favorite scent so at home it doesn’t get used but it is the perfect size for on the go! The more I use it the more I like it.

Sex in the City Perfume.

I have one strip of my tablets. This means that if I end up stopping over at someones house or forget to take  my tablets I have them in my bag.

My tablets

Ibuprofen is my painkiller of choice to use and it always comes in useful.

So what would you carry in your emergency bag?

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