The Stress of Exams


Me at university- Stressed!

Over the last few weeks my Facebook timeline has been filled with desperate posts about revising and sitting exams, everyone hoping to get into university. Every time I read one of these posts it takes me back to when I was sitting my exams.

I have never been academically smart, I have struggled by being a solid C student. While my friends managed to walk into an exam, without revision. “I looked through my notes this morning.” was a phrase I heard too many times, followed a few months later by a soul killing “Oh, I got an A.”

At aged 7 my English teacher and tutor diagnosed me with Dyslexia, I struggled with my writing, often merging 3 words together, and always adding an ‘E’ where it wasn’t needed. However in my following schools they dismissed the idea, saying I was boarder line but it wasn’t serious enough to give me any additional house.

While I sat my A-levels and GCSE’s the pressure got too much for me, I constantly stressed about not doing enough revision or that I would suddenly forget everything when I got into the exam. I swear it actually did!

However after all my stressing, my worrying, emotional breakdowns and moody attitude. I got into university. Looking back over my school years I am amazed. I went from the girl at bottom of the class, who had been told she had Dyslexia to the person I am today, studying Journalism, getting firsts in my coursework and doing really well.

What’s the point of the post. Although your exams are important and you want to do your best. Don’t stress out about it, In my case I don’t think I got the right grades but my chosen university sit let me in any.

Trust me, everything will work out perfectly!



A little song for your day!

So I know I have been bad over the past few days but I have been a little bit poorly so I couldn’t blog, However I am back and feeling so much better, so lets get blogging!

I know the past few days will have been an amazing Roller Coaster of emotions for most of you who are reading this. Weather you managed to get into your first choice uni or you had to go through clearing it is still such a shocking experience. I hope you have all managed to get into a university and are now looking forward to doing your favorite subject at uni.

However If you haven’t managed to get in, if you are still going through clearing or if you have just realised that now you actually have to go and live with a load of strangers, then I have something I would like to think can help.

On my last GCSE History lesson, just before we broke up, my teacher, Miss J, played us a song that she was played when she was leaving school. She told us at the time she was played the song, she didn’t understand it as well as she does now. After living life a bit she now agrees with this song.

As soon as she played the song to me it became one of the songs that I look at when I am struggling. It’s not so much a song you can sing along to but it is great for making you think about life.

I hope you enjoy it!

Results: How did you do?

I can’t believe it has been a year since I was sitting at my mum’s house waiting for my results. I remember after I found out that I had gotten into my first choice I went on facebook to see how everyone had done.

It was one of those days were a million things happen. All my friends were texting me “how did you do?” “Have you got in?” “YAY! I’ve got into uni!” My family were on the landline tentatively asking how I did. What will happen now, and planning the best way to celebrate!

My Facebook newsfeed was filled with status’ about results, changes of address to university halls and education updates. The feeling of excitement washes over me again just thinking of it. Everyones joy was felt through the social media networks and my phone.

However this year I woke up at 7:15 to a quiet house. I am pretty sure everyone is still asleep. In a house that last year had three people getting results (2 A-level and one GCSE) we now have no-one. It’s kind of eerie in a way imagining the excitement of last year; it seems so long ago.

I logged on to facebook today expecting the same rush of updates but there is nothing! I don’t know what my younger friends are thinking, I need to know! So I doubt any of you are following this today, after all you should be celebrating, but if you are let me know how you did.

Have you got into uni? What are you doing there? What uni are you in?

Good luck. I am excited for you!