A website update

Over the past week or so I have been working hard behind the scenes to create new things on Uni Confessions to make it easier to use the website.

Change number 1

The first thing I changed was actually brought on by my friend at uni, who told me that she couldn’t follow my blog without a wordpress account, which she didn’t have! So I started looking for a way that I could change that because I would love any readers to be able to follow, in as easy way as possible.So I found a new way for you to follow.

How Do you follow?

If you look at the side bar -> you will see a little box that says Follow blog Via Email. If you click on the follow button, you will then be asked to type in your email address (make sure this is a real account.) You will then be sent a confirmation email. Once you have confirmed that it is you that wants to follow Uni Confessions, you are all set.

What happens when you follow?

Once you followed the blog via email, you will receive an email every time that I upload a new post. You can then come and read what I have to say.

What if I am already following via WordPress?

If you are already following via WordPress then you don’t have to do anything. The new following system will not affect the WordPress followers as you will still be informed in the normal way. However you can also follow by email as well if you think it’s easier to get an email every time I update.

Update number 2

The second change is something that I have wanted to do for a while, but have been putting it off. So I finally got out my credit card and go to it. So, Uni Confessions is now based on it’s own domain name; uni-confessions.co.uk

What does this mean?

Basically all it means is that in the bar at the top where it says the web address it will now say uni-confessions.co.uk rather than uniconfessions.wordpress.com.

What will this change for the reader?

Not much to be honnest, as you will have seen today if you go to the normal word press site you will just be redirected here. You can also access the website via uni-confessions.co.uk, if you don’t have a word press account then you may want to just use this address.

Why have you done it then?

As I said earlier on I have been wanting to do this for a while. This website has become so special and so important to me, and over the last few weeks my confidence in this site has grown and grown.

As I have become more confident and proud about the blog I have wanted to find ways to make it seem more professional. The first thing I have done to make it more professional is buying this domain name. Over time I am hoping to do much more to advance this blog for you and to make me feel more professional and grown up.

I would like to point out this blog is still not professional. I am still sitting in my uni room (in bed) typing away. I have not been taken over/ paid by a huge company. It’s still just me!

I hope this has made sense!



Hey everyone!

I could really do with your help. I have been looking into re-doing the Uni Confessions banner. So I would like your opinion on which you prefer?

Banner 1:

Banner one!

Banner 2:

Banner 2!

Banner 3:

Banner 3!

Banner 4:

The one we already have!

The normal one!

So what do you think?

Thank you


Since I started back at university I have been really inspired to write more and more on this blog. I think being back in the situation that influences this blog has made me want to keep writing.

Over the past month I have been trying to plan new ideas to make this blog even more exciting. I originally planned on doing ‘Nonstop November’ this would have been were I blogged everyday in November. The reason I wanted to do it in Novemeber was so I could settle into uni first. However as I said earlier was that I had been so inspired this week, so why not bring it forward.

This means I will now be doing Blogtober. Just the same as Nonstop November, Blogtober will be a blog everyday for a month.

Although I didn’t actually start blogtober at the begining of October. I have blogged everyday, so I will be carrying on as if I started on 1st October.

I would also like to make an announcement about a new area of my blog. As I have become more comfortable with writing and putting stuff into the wide world for you lovely folk to read, I have decided that I would share more and more.

With the idea of sharing more I have created a warning sign that will be placed at the top of any posts that contain information of a sexual nature. I would like to point out that although I may be talking about sexual things I am not going to be going into graphic detail. You are not going to be hearing about my sex positions and other very personal aspects.

The sign is mainly for anyone who feels uncomfortbale with the idea of hearing about other people’s sexual relationships. It is also because I know my parents sometimes read this blog, so if they see this they won’t read!

This is the picture and it will be placed at the very top of the blog.

blog warning!

Hope you understand everything I have said.

p.s I missed my upload yesterday because I was ill, so I uploaded today! Sorry. 

Quick Update!

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to give you a quick update so you all know what is going on. I have been posting a lot less recently so I could get down to packing and organizing for going back to university.

Today I am moving into my amazing new house at university and I am truly very excited, so sorry if this update makes no sense! I will be away from my computer from the next few days because we don’t have an internet connection yet 😦 We will see if I can survive without the internet!

While I am away I am hoping to do a few videos about moving into uni and probably write a few posts that will be uploaded later! I would also be interested to know if you would like me to create a youtube channel which would contain day to day content about university!

If you want to be kept updated on the move and my first few days back then check out my facebook Page!

I also wanted to update you on an award I was given by one of my amazing readers! It is the Liebster blog award. If you want to see Jenny’s blog about the award check it out here:  http://jenniferpleung.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/the-liebster-blog-award/ Thank you Jenny!! I literally squeeled when I found out!

Right-io. I will leave you lovely uni-goers to get on with your day while I pack the car up. P.s don’t worry I will be updating LOADS now uni has started!


quick update

A quick update.

Hey guys you may have noticed that there have been a few changes going on in this blog. I have been trying to get a layout for the blog that I like as well as trying to promote the blog to get some more lovely followers.

If you have an ideas on how I could improve this blog that would be great. I’ve been looking around to see if there are people who can design the blog for me, to make it nice and pretty, but that is really expensive so that will be a while yet!

I also have a new facebook fanpage, with very few fans, but feel free to check it out!

Email: uni-confessions@hotmail.com

Facebook: Lauren Elizabeth

Fanpage: Uni Confessions

Twitter: Uniconfessions

Pintrest: uni confessions

Instgram: Uniconfessions

Results: How did you do?

I can’t believe it has been a year since I was sitting at my mum’s house waiting for my results. I remember after I found out that I had gotten into my first choice I went on facebook to see how everyone had done.

It was one of those days were a million things happen. All my friends were texting me “how did you do?” “Have you got in?” “YAY! I’ve got into uni!” My family were on the landline tentatively asking how I did. What will happen now, and planning the best way to celebrate!

My Facebook newsfeed was filled with status’ about results, changes of address to university halls and education updates. The feeling of excitement washes over me again just thinking of it. Everyones joy was felt through the social media networks and my phone.

However this year I woke up at 7:15 to a quiet house. I am pretty sure everyone is still asleep. In a house that last year had three people getting results (2 A-level and one GCSE) we now have no-one. It’s kind of eerie in a way imagining the excitement of last year; it seems so long ago.

I logged on to facebook today expecting the same rush of updates but there is nothing! I don’t know what my younger friends are thinking, I need to know! So I doubt any of you are following this today, after all you should be celebrating, but if you are let me know how you did.

Have you got into uni? What are you doing there? What uni are you in?

Good luck. I am excited for you!