What I love: October!!

 I thought I would be fun to do an October favouritesImage, as it is now November! This month I have brought a lot of things for university and my new home so here we go! 



A few weeks before I went away to university, my mother and I went to a day spa, while I was there I brought a Yankee Candle. I have wanted one for years and with a damp and slightly smelly room I thought I finally deserve my candle. So I brought the ‘A Child’s Wishes’ Candle. It is an amazing smell, it is a spring smell really, with the smell of a spring morning in my opinion. Apparently it’s meant to make it feel like a child playing in the garden. 


Hair curling

I went to a wedding in september and ended up borrowing my sister-in-law’s hair curlers because mine were rubbish. After using them I decided to run out and buy some for myself. The BaByliss 2287BU Pro Curl 210 Styling Hair Tongs, have a number of different heat settings and create a really nice curl! 


Red Lipstick 

I have been in love with red lipstick over the past couple of weeks and brought a few different types of lipsticks. I got the Max Factor Color Elixer in Ruby Tuesday. It is such an a amazing true red color and looks great on. 


Essay research

Every time I am researching for essays, including my dissertation, I begin by looking at Google Scholar and Google books. They provide you with loads of Journals and books for every subject and they also give you all the information you need for referencing! PERFECT!!!



So, I am a student so this has to be on here. I am in love with primark, especially in the lead up to both Halloween and a fancy dress part this weekend! They have great onsies, lovely outfits and accessories. Primark you are taking all my money!!



 I have talked about my extensions before on here and I am still in love with them. 

I wore them on a night out with my friends and I loved having long curly hair! Going to wear them to a number of parties over the next few weeks. 


I hope you had a great October and looking forward to November! 



5 really easy Halloween Costumes for uni students

It’s almost that time of year, when witches, ghosts and werewolf all come out to play. If your at uni, it is probably going to be a big night out, actually a big couple of nights! So here at Uni Confessions HQ we thought we could come up with some fancy dress ideas for you!


Black Swan 

What is scarier than a schizophrenic Ballet dancer? Ok a lot, but it makes a nice looking costume!

All you need is a black top (preferably strapless) and tutu, put your hair up into a bun. For your makeup you need flawless foundation, a very dark eye and red/dark lips. It’s the makeup that makes this outfit work!


I can guarantee you will see a hundred witches on your night out, but let’s be honest it’s easy!

Get out your little black dress, you must own one! Simply add a witches hat (this will be stolen by most of the people in the club) I told you this was easy. Once again I would go with a dark eye look.


My flatmate has been searching through her dressing up box, something owned by both 5 year olds and uni students. She has finally decided on wearing a pirates costume, and this is how you can do it.

Get a white shirt, one with ruffles on the front would be great. Add leggings or loose skirt, put a thick belt around your waist and add a bandana to your head. If you want to go all the way don’t forget your eye patch! Boots would look great with this but you might get a bit hot!

Cereal Killer 

While I was looking for ideas for halloween I found this and thought it looked very funny.

Go to your nearest super market and get a multipack of cereal (the little ones) stick these to a t-shirt using double sided tape add some fake blood and some plastic knives. Carry around a fake bloody knife and you are all set, plus you have breakfast!

Just add blood

If you want a really simple costume, just wear what you normally would on a night out, or an outfit you already have (cheerleading, rubgy ect.) add a white face, black ringed eyes and blood. Back comb your hair and you are all set to go.

Don’t get too scared!

Lauren x

How to use Facebook to organise your house.

Isn’t Facebook an amazing creation? Half my university life is centred around it; I have a facebook page for my uni course, the societies I am part of and of course my job is working with social media, so it only seems right that I use social media to organise my home. 


At the beginning of the year, in fact up until this week, we had a group message that we all wrote on about everything from nights out,  cleaning the kitchen to random jokes. However everything got lost somewhere along the conversation and if you came in half way through the day you often had a million comments to read so I decided we should use a facebook group.


They are dead simple to set up. You simply go on ‘Create Group’ in the left hand panel. Name your group (mine is called Our House!) pick an icon to represent your group and select who can view the group. My group is set as ‘Secret’ so that only we can see what we write- I don’t need others to know I’m a bossy boots.


We now can create different statuses for different conversations, upload your homely pictures and documents. Since It has been set up we have created a rotating list of chores we need to do which hasn’t been lost amongst our halloween plans! 


So do you use social media at uni? 

The Zara City Bag

When I was trying to work out what to ask for as a Birthday Present this year (end of April). I was trawling the internet looking for inspiration when I saw a youtube video about this bag, and it looked perfect. Since I was in about year 10 at school, I have used hundreds of different bags to carry my school/college/university books around in, and they all break really quickly!

My requirements for this bag where that they could hold a lot of stuff, I carry university books, notebooks, folders and want something I could take home for the weekend. It also needed to be stylish, I wanted to carry it around at university without looking sloppy.


The city bag from Zara

The bag has five main sections, all about the same size. 3 of them are zip fastened and two just have large magnetic poppers. The two sections with poppers also have some organizational stuff within them. The first has a section for your phone, a section for 5 cards and a small zipped area, I tend to use this as the ‘handbag area’ to keep my keys, purse and phone in them. The other section has a padded zipped area within in perfect for holding a tablet.

The two outside zipped areas are just normal large sized pouches, which are perfect for folders, notebooks ect. The middle zipped up area is padded all around so you can store a laptop in it. The padding is actually quiet thick so your laptop won’t get hurt and as it’s in the middle it would be knocked is you hit the bag against something or if you drop it.

The bag looks really stylish with the plain black textured material, gold zips, poppers and the metal sections on the handles. Inside of the bag is lined with a dark sort of aubergine purple. The lining also goes all around the main pockets with the exception of the ‘handbag section’ which has black leather look sections.

The inside

The inside

Over all I really like this bag and holds loads, in fact more that I would every want to carry. The lining really gives the bag a sophisticated look and stands up to everything I have put it through.

The only bad thing I can find is that the zips don’t close seamlessly, they quiet often get stuck at some point along the zip. They always do close however it does take a lot of fiddling, I have heard some other bag owners say that have similar problems, so I don’t just have a dodgy one.

If they could sort the zip out this bag would be perfect, as it is it’s average and I will use it. However It does make it use slightly harder.

Hope your all well!


Buying in bulk at Uni: Part 1

I was amazed when walking down the street towards our local Tesco, the other day, to see all the small local shops selling 30 eggs for just over £1! What a bargain. This inspired me to write this blog post about bulk buying. 



One of the great and most obvious advantage of bulk buying, for anyone not just uni students, is that buying in bulk is always cheaper! 


Another advantage of bulk buying for uni students is… Less Shopping! I know, as a girl it is shocking that I don’t like shopping, but nothing can be harder than carrying a million bags full to the brim with food and drink all the way home. So if you buy in bulk you could do one big shop every term, and get a taxi (or your parents) to take you back home. 


One of the best advantages, in my humble opinion, you wont run out! Don’t you hate being stuck on the toilet without any toilet paper? Or when you start cooking and can’t find some of the ingredients. Bulk buying means you wont run out for ages.


The Disadvantages 

I know at uni space is a virtue and filling it up with a million toilet rolls seems annoying, however if you devote the space under your bed or a section of your wardrobe to your bulk buying goodies it could save a lot of money. 


Bulk buying also means that you have to put a lot of money into your shopping all at one time! However this can be great as a student as we get lump installments of our student loan. 


Part 2: I will be writing about how to keep food once you have bulk brought! 


Leicester Bloggers Meet-Up


Walking the Catwalk

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with some of the wonderful bloggers from around the Leicester area.    We all met up outside the High Cross shopping center and went inside to take our front row seat (Yeah, I’m that important lol!) on High Cross’ Autumn Fashion Fix fashion show. The Catwalk displayed some lovely pieces from the shops within High Cross including shops from Karen Millen to debenhams.    Image Each section on the fashion show was themed on a different idea; Grandma’s Attic to safari. I thought a lot of the fashion in ‘Grandma’s Attic’ was lovely and really fitted into my love of classic vintage style.    The High Cross team were lovely enough to provide us with some free samples and gift vouchers for a number of their shops, and when the fashion show had finished we went off on a shopping trip. Well, what do you expect when you put a group of bloggers together. I was mega excited about shopping with some make-up bloggers, as although I am addicted to make-up I don’t blog about it, so don’t know the latest trends.  Image Image

I had decided before I got to the meet-up that I wanted to buy my first ever MAC purchase. I knew that it would be something to remind me of my first bloggers meet-up and I have always wanted to buy MAC. After talking to a number of the bloggers and looking around the store I finally decided to buy the Matt lipstick in Please me! I love all of MAC’s names they seem so fun!

While we were shopping I also managed to pick up the Babyliss Pro Curl 220, which I had borrowed from my boyfriend’s Sister for a wedding earlier in the month.

After we went shopping we all met up again at Bella Italia. We sat at the worlds longest table (set for 24!) and all began to talk as if we had known each other for years! It was brilliant to be able to talk to people about Youtubers’ and they know what you are on about!    I had a lovely starter of Mozzarella Corrozza then followed by the Marco Pollo Pasta. The food was lovely although the sauce on the pasta, a sweet plum sauce, was rather sweet for me.


Pasta Marco Polo


I had a great time meeting up with all the girls and would love to do another one soon! I will be writing another post on this soon with the wonderful Goodie bag put together by Hareem, the meet-up’s organiser!

Seriously Spicy Pasta Sauce

When I was at uni last year I brought all of my pasta sauce from the supermarket but over the summer, after a number of far too sweet sauces, I have decided to cook pasta sauce myself. 

 I have been shocked at how simple and cheap some sauces can be, you basically just throw whatever you have into a pot! So I thought I would share with you a seriously spicy pasta sauce. This has a great kick to it unlike the shop brought stuff! 



1 can of tomatoes chopped. 

1 pack of ground beef 

4 table spoons of tomato Ketchup 

1-2 tea spoons of herbs de Provence 

1-2 tea spoons oregano. 

2 sticks of celery

2 small onions 

1 scotch bonnet chilli 

1 normal chilli 

1 packet of bacon. 


  1. Get the ground beef out of the freezer and begin to defrost roughly an hour before you are going to cook. If your really organized de-frost it over night in the fridge but you don’t have to. Cut the beef into smaller sections and place into the pan with a small amount of oil. 
  2. Allow the meat to begin to brown off stirring occasionally to cook it all. While the meat is cooking cut your bacon into small pieces, Dice the onions into chunky sections and slice the Celery. 
  3. Once the beef has browned Pour in the can of chopped tomatoes, re-fill the can with water and add that as well.  Mix the meat and liquid together and add the tomato Ketchup and allow to bubble away. 
  4. add the herbs into to pot and stir. Add the scotch bonnet chili whole and allow to soak in the liquid. Allow the liquid to bubble away with the lid of until the liquid has reduced. 
  5. Once the sauce has reduced to much less liquid, add the other chili chopped into small pieces and mixed in with the sauce. 
  6. Get the Scotch Bonnet Chilli out of the sauce and throw away. The Sauce is now ready to serve.  

 This sauce is perfect with any type of pasta and plenty of cheese. 


My Confessions. 

I finally have an internet connection again Hoary! 

I am starting a new series called ‘Dear Diary’ on here next week which will be more personal

I have lasted my final freshers week and my boyfriend is on his way to see me 

6 top tips for moving into a student house

I can’t believe that it is time to start packing up the boxes and heading back to university already! I’ve barely unpacked. I thought I would share a few hints and tips on how to make moving day a little less stressful.

  1. Be organized.

No matter what I am packing for I always like to make lists before I start to make sure I don’t leave anything behind. In my second year I moved into my house and realized I had taken 2 pairs of jeans 5 pairs of shorts and 2 skirts. I hasn’t planned and pretty much packed whatever. I ended up going home in the week to get more jeans and sweatshirts. It was a complete waste of time and money!

Whenever I plan ahead I know what I am taking, how many I am taking ect so I can see from my list I have everything.

  1. Pack Sensibly.

When you are packing I find it more sensible to pack according to type for example my folders, books and notebooks for all my lectures go in one box, I have box for Pots and pans and other for my undies and socks. This means when I am unpacking I can take the pans straight into the kitchen and put everything away more easily than if I were trying to search for everything.

  1. Don’t stress

This is the one thing I suck at when moving house. Every time I move I want everything to be sorted that day. If I don’t have things sorted out and in a place I feel unorganized, and a little over whelmed. You have the whole of freshers week to get sorted before you have to start university; it’s plenty of time.

  1. Use the Professionals!

The longer you are at university to more stuff you collect. Last year I brought a number of organizational things, decorative things and I almost brought a mirror. In the process of trying to sort out your new home you may find yourself buying new bits and pieces that you need.

This can mean that you can’t alway fit everything into your parents car. I have heard a lot of people who have said that in the 2nd and 3rd years they have to take more things either meaning they have to take multiple trips to university from home or hire a rental company.

Companies such as Ecomovers will help you move from home to university and back. They even provide storage facilities for people who don’t want to move everything back home over the summer!

5)Get sociable!

No matter weather it is your first year or your final year you need to spend time with your new housemates! Don’t forget to go out and have fun!! You want to make sure your year starts off really well after all you have a year with these people! Don’t annoy them.

  1. Have fun!

Fresher week is always fun so just relax. Don’t worry about moving, if you forget something it’s not the end of world.

Hope you have a great move!


p.s. This blog was created in association with Ecomovers. All opinions are my own. http://www.ecomovers.co.uk/removal-services/student-removals

My Confessions!

-I am going on holiday this time next week.

-I have just had my nails done

-I am going to a wedding this weekend (pictures will be on the blog!)

Results day

So, the day is finally here!

After what feels like many months of waiting the A-level results are out. So here’s my advice. 

If you got into your university 

1) Celebrate.

It’s amazing and well done. You can happily relax in the knowledge that you are heading off to university in a few months so get out the bubbly and buy some cake!

2) Take Pictures. 

The day that I passed my A-levels is one that will stay with me forever, even though I can barely remember the results. It was the start of the rest of my life. So make sure you take lots of pictures of your celebrations, it will be great to look back on while your at uni. 

3) Get organising. 

you have very little time before you move out of your family home and create a new life, with new friend, new food and a new bed to lie in. Before you go you will need to buy your basic uni essentials and say goodbye to those you love.

4) Go out TONIGHT! 

Going out on results night is one of the best events every. Everyone is excited, literally EVERYONE. It is a mass of students who are going through exactly the same as you. It is also a great way to celebrate with your friends. 


If you don’t get it. 

1) Don’t panic. 

Running around like a headless chicken all day is not going to help. Take some deep breaths and re-evaluate? Ok, so you can’t go to Oxford; where else would be nice? 

2) Contact your college/ Sixth Form. 

They are going to have a number of staff members waiting to give you advice. You might even have people from local universities coming to offer places to any clearing students. 

3) Contact universities. 

Weather it’s the university you really wanted, to see if you can get in some other way or one the other end of the country. Make sure you contact them as they can give you the best help. 

4) Go out TONIGHT!

I know it seems like a rubbish idea. Everyone will be celebrating but you, however your friends are going to be the most supportive people in this situation. You will all be talking about your grades and universities but you will feel worse in a few months having missed out on the epic night! 

Also not everyone even applies to university! You won’t be alone and hopefully, you will already be in a new place. 


Have a great day and Well Done with what ever you got! 


July Favorites

I thought I would do a series of monthly favorites, so at the end of every month I will write a blog post about what I loved that month; From makeup, Food, university and many more things!



Estaee lauder double wear foundation- I have been in love with this foundation over the last couple of months actually. Although the foundation is expensive, you only need a little amount and it stays in place all day. I have used the concealer for a while now and after battling with makeup that has disappeared by mid-day this is a brilliant product. 


Dream Matt Mouse Blusher- I love this stuff! I have dry skin so using a cream blush means that my skin looks dewy rather than dry. They have a beautiful soft pink that makes my pale skin look slightly flushed. 



You may know that at the begining of the summer I had to go gluten free as I discovered I have a Gluten intolerance, so it has been really hard finding food I can still eat and enjoy. 


Gluten Free Snack- Tesco Free From Chocolate Sponge Cake. Ok, so this isn’t healthy at all, and I am not saying that I eat it everyday. In fact one cake has lasted over a month in an air tight container. However after being restricted by my health, it’s really nice to have a cheat meal which is actually still good for me. 


General Snack- Metacalf’s Skinny Topcorn in Sweet ‘n Salt. I got these for the first time in one of my Cosmopolitan Gift bags, and to be honest I thought it was a stupid idea, why would i want sweet and Salty in one bag? However the Salt makes the sweet popcorn sweeter and somehow means you don’t get bored. It’s also only 115 Calories. 


Favorite restaurant- I am in love with Giraffe at the moment. All the staff there are mega friendly and can’t do enough for you and the food is amazing. If you’re gluten free they have a menu for you and they can try and re-create any of the normal menu in a gluten free way. 


Book- Dummies guide to writing your dissertation. I am starting to write my dissertation and this book has been really useful giving me advice on everything from research to what to put in your acknowledgments. 


University store- WH Smiths. They have some amazing ranges in at the moment with lovely looking notebooks, folders ect. I have always found that nice looking work things will make me work better. 


Home Store- Dunelm Mill has always been my top favorite store for buying home goods. It is where I got all of my things when I originally moved to university. However I have also found that Supermarkets like Tesco and Asda have some great deals. 


What have you loved this month?




p.s. Sorry I’ve been MIA; I have been working two jobs which is a mega busy deal! I am trying to come back and have a number of new ideas. x