Hey guys!

I know I have been gone for ages, but I have come back with an exciting competition.

I have bee contacted by Watchbot to host a give-away for you guys!  WatchBot - View what's important to you, Anytime... Anywhere...

As I am sure many of you know student houses are often a target for criminals as they are often filled with expensive electronics; from Macbooks to Ipads and Cameras! They are also well know for not being hard to get into as it is only a rented apartment- so is not top priority!


I had a friend who was in her house when a burglar entered through the front door, walked in and just took a number of items.


The watchbot gives you a CCTV style camera which can be watched on your Phone, Ipad and Laptop so you can make sure your home is safe while you are away.

To be in with a chance to win a Watchbot fill in the box below and I will let you know who has won by the end of the month!!!


Good luck


P.s check out my review- will be published tomorrow!

So What’s next?

I am getting to that stage in an undergrads life when they begin to question everything. Will I manage to get my dream job 3 months after graduation- with enough time for a holiday? Will I end up being stuck as a tea girl in the industry I love? Or will the evil journalists be write, is my degree not enough to get me a job?


I am 3 months away from my final hand in, 5 months from donning my cap and gown and parading across the stage to get my diploma. This is something that I have worked at getting for well over the three years I have been at university. My family, friends and loved ones have all become as invested in my university life as I have.


But what will I do next? Christmas was filled with this dreaded questions, my family, boyfriends family and everyone else are dying to know what the next stage of life will bring me, but the truth is I am as much in the dark as I am.


Since December I have been applying for jobs. In fact I became so absorbed in the process of applying I ended up applying for a job in America, without realizing. But even though I have sent off what feels like millions of applications I have not received any job offers.


So last week I decided to go to a talk the university where having about doing Masters courses. My lectures talk about the type of material that would be covered in the masters and how you can fund a masters course.


So I have decided that I am going to apply for a masters course, at my university, as well as applying for more jobs. So my plan for the future is basically I have no idea, and I am going to cover every base!


I am not sure if my old WordPress followers are still getting updated since I moved. So I am posting this on wordpress! 

I’m Moving!

Hi everyone. 

One of my missions for 2014 is to move over to, So over the next few days I am hoping to make the move. However this means that the site may be down for a while over the next few days, while I move hosting and servers. 


I hope you all understand and will be back with me within the next few days. 


Don’t worry you don’t need to do anything, I will still be available at and I believe you will still be notified if you are an email follower. 


See you in a few days. 


Well, hasn’t this year gone quickly! I can’t believe It is only a few days until we welcome 2014 in with a Big Bang. So i thought I would do a review of the year for uni confessions.

new year

I will start off with this blog post and work back because, I guess very aptly, this is the 100th blog post! I can’t believe that I have written is much, and yet so little in this slice of the internet. Along with that In December, Uni Confessions reached 100 followers via email. It Is mad it think that every time I hit the little publish button over a hundred emails are being sent it all of you, I sort of never think of that when I upload at 2am, sorry about that.

This year we also celebrated the first birthday of this website, although some of you may know that I was blogging about the same things under the name ‘confessions of a uni blogger’ long before that. In June, I had been writing on here for a year and in December I celebrated a year of having as a domain name.

Since the blog began I have had over 4,000 views at the day of writing this, which in its self Is amazing.

But one of the best things this blog has brought me this year is the social things. I attended two cosmopolitan conferences: one for blogging and another for jobs within the media industry. And a bloggers meetup in Leicester in October, where I had the pleasure of meeting a number of wonderful lifestyle and beauty bloggers (and buying my first mac product!!)

This year has been truly amazing and I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without your support. Ever time someone follows my blog, posts a comment or just simply reads a post I get so excited it know you and out there somewhere reading.

I have a number of plans for 2014, including setting up a YouTube Chanel, and finding more wats to interact with you. If you have any ideas on how I can improve this blog please let me know.

Thank you for all your support and I hope you have a magical new year!
Lauren x

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a merry Christmas and a enjoyable day! I was lucky enough to get some wonderful gifts, which will help with my blog, and spent the day with my family!

This was my mum, step dad and I, in our Christmas jumpers!

I know I have not been able to blog recently however I hope to be back very soon! Keep your eye open for new blog posts.


Getting into PR by Sarah Stimson

Many of you know, I am now a third year student who is studying Journalism and Media and Communications. As a third year I am faced with the daunting task of trying to find a job, within Public Relations, for next year. This is a task I have found both over-whelming and confusing at times, so when tutor told me about a new book all about getting a job within PR I jumped at the chance to read it.

How to get a job in PR is written by Sarah Stimson, who has worked within recruitment and training for over a decade and now works with the Taylor Bennett Foundation. If anyone knows how to get into the PR industry it’s her.

The book consist of 37 short chapter, including what is PR, Using social media to get a job and the 25 don’ts of PR. The book goes over the basic information perfect for people just learning, or looking to learn about Public Relations and goes onto to talk about getting a job and how to ask for a pay rise for people looking to work in PR. It even looks at taking a career break and how to resign for when you have managed to get your job.

The layout of the book makes it easy to read all in one go or to quickly look up information of interest. Each chapter has an explanation by Sarah along with a number of industry professionals giving their thoughts on each of the topics, meaning that you can hear what the professionals real think, and make your own mind up.

The wonderfully funny and conversational tone of the book makes reading it easy and enjoyable. Where else can you read “If you want you parents to proudly declare, “my daughter is a PR consultant” and for the rest of the dinner table to go ‘Oooo’ my son wanted to ho into PR but settled for being a vet instead, then your going to be sorely disappointed.”

This book has already helped me concentrate on what I need to do to get a job next year, and what sector I want it to be in. I can see this easily being my PR job bible for the next few months and even once I have a job. I would recommend this book to anyone who is hoping to get into the PR industry or is studying PR.

This book was kindly gifted to me by Sarah for an honest view, Thank you to Sarah and everyone involved in this book for finally giving PR students a helping hand to get into the industry.

You can buy the book from amazon:

My transition: Going from blonde to brunette

Since I was a child I have been blonde as I started to get older, my hair started to get darker. So with a little help from my hairdresser I managed to keep the wonderful hair colour I had grown up with.


Me as a child!


However over the last year-or-so I have become bored with the blonde hair, I have felt like it was beginning to look a little drab and boring. A few weeks ago I died my hair at home at the time I thought it looked great but over time I began to think it was looking worse and worse.

I have always loved the idea of being a brunette. Brown hair epitomizes everything my hair isn’t thick, curly and dark, in my head at least.

If you have read my blog before, you may know that I got a set of hair extensions earlier in the year which, obviously matched my hair. So if I change my hair colour, they will no longer match.


Last weekend as Cinderella


However at the beginning of last week I finally decided to jump into it and I decide to use the boots wash-in wash-out hair dye in chocolate brown. However after putting a load on my hair and washing it out, it turned out a lovely orangey- pink colour (not so great)

So I went to the hairdressers and booked the appointment to go from blonde to brunette, properly. Thursday afternoon I turned up at the hairdressers and let them work there magic on me. After a couple of hours in the hairdressers I pretty much skipped home swishing my beautiful new brunette hair. So I suppose I should show you what it looks like now!


My new hair!!


Although it was very different from the blonde hair I am used to, I am in love with my new hair, although I am still surprised every time I look in the mirror!