The TV Rules

When your at university although you only go to lessons a couple of hours a day, much less than school or sixth form. Although you have loads of work to do outside of your lectures you also need to be able to relax.

One good way to just slob out and relax (that doesn’t give you a headache the next day) is to watch television. I found that putting the TV on was great while I was doing other things. Cooking and cleaning is just a little more interesting when 2 broke girls is on! So I thought I would share with you all the information you need to know about watching tv at uni.

DISCLAIMER: All the information written on the posts is true to my knowledge and at the time of posting. This is based on the laws within the United Kingdom so if you are studying abroad or live in a different country then the rules may differ.

Television licensing

Through my course I have learnt so much about the television licensing but I will try to keep this simple and to the point.

At home your parents most likely pay a license fee to allow you to watch television, however at university, especially living in halls most people decide not to pay.

In the most basic terms once you have paid you for your TV license you are allowed to watch any tv as much as you want. Obviously other charges can apply such as paying for cable. The TV license goes to paying for BBC channels as these do not take money from advertisers.

So if you have a television with the capability to watch tv you need to pay for a license. Having the capability means that it is plugged into an arial and is tuned to channels. If you have a TV that is only used to watch DVD’s then you do not have to pay for the license as you are not watching tv although you will have to prove this.

How can you watch tv without a license

I am sure I could find a million illegal ways for you to watch tv but I am not suggesting any of them as, of course, you could get into trouble! However there are ways for you to watch television at university without paying extra money for a license.

You can watch TV for free if you don’t watch it live. Watching websites such as IPlayer, 4OD and more are available for you to watch while you are at university.

Some very weird rules!

From what I have researched I have found out that you can watch channels such as SKYGo on your laptop without a tv license if it isn’t plugged into the wall. So if you watch it of your computer battery you are fine!

A warning!

If you are staying in halls then you are likely to hear from the tv licensing people a lot (Just letters) Because people at university don’t pay for a license and in todays society with so many people having tv’s the expect you to have one. So you have to go online, or phone them, to tell them that you don’t have a tv.

I told them we didn’t have a TV and we kept getting the letters. I think each person needs to tell them if you have locks on your doors.

You will get a number of letters telling you you need to tell them if you have a tv and buy a license. As time goes by the warnings get stronger and they start to take ‘legal action’ and you are under investigation. However if you don’t have a tv or can’t watch live tv on it then you don’t have to worry.

Although it could be easier to just go online and tell them you don’t have a tv!

Good luck and I hope you still get to watch your fave shows.

A quick note:

I know I have said this a number of times but I am really sorry about the delays I have had over the past week. I have been going through a lot of problems and I didn’t have the energy to look after this blog. I am back though and sending my love back to my blog!

Lauren x


Hi I’m really …

Hi I’m really sorry about the delay I have been having jaw problems and then being my clumsy self fell down the stairs today so I am recovering that. Really sorry! x

I saw this article online at Telegraph today about university. Having spent a year at university I have found this article interesting and a little worrying.

The article talks about how there are not enough jobs around for graduates so we are basically paying for our eduction and going through all this for nothing! Here is the article!

Surprised to hear that more than 20,000 graduates from the year of 2011 were still unemployed six months after they graduated? We shouldn’t be. This is a full-scale tragedy written, orchestrated and adapted for real life by the Government, and the victims are our young people.

We need to see the figures that show employment numbers broken down to show the difference between the “new” universities, and Oxbridge or older, more established universities. We need the figures broken down also by degree subject. If they are, we start to see the true story: aspirational young people encouraged to go to universities that lack credibility to study subjects employers don’t want. Result? Massive debt, wasted years and slapping hamburgers in an outlet where the manager joined McDonald’s straight from school.

It’s our fault we’ve let our young people down. We have no definition of what a university is – is it academic, vocational, for research or for use as a finishing school? Is it what we understand by a university, or simply a glorified college? We have no real means of matching the numbers taking degrees to the needs of either the country or the employment market. We can’t fund the universities we have, and the contact time on some arts courses is derisory.

The funding crisis created by maniac expansion threatens our world-class universities with demotion, as well as the creation of a disaffected generation who feel they were sold a pup. Is there anyone in there brave enough in there to admit that we can’t afford to send 50 per cent of our young people to university, they can’t afford it and we really need to bring back the distinction between College and University? Or are we happier to have thousands of new unemployed who as well as no jobs have no prospect of paying back the £30,000 debt they acquired to prove there were no jobs for them?

So what do you think are we doing this for no reason? Should uni only be for the privileged elite? Let me know below.

Time to wash

When you move away to university you have to learn new skills and learn them quickly. One of the things I didn’t think about having to learn was how to clean my clothes. I quickly learnt I had 3 options. I could learn to do it myself, get a boyfriend/ girlfriend to do it (that’s what my boyfriend did!) or make my Mommy do it. So I learnt how to do it, it was pretty damn easy.

So I thought I would help you share my uni washing tips! The washing machines is university halls are often bigger than the traditional washing machine you would find at home. You are also likely to have to pay  to use them, it was £2:20-£2:40 in my halls.

My washing machine

What you will need:

Dirty clothes

Washing powder/tablets

Washing machine


Step One:

The first thing you need to do is separate your washing. The easiest way to do that is by having separate laundry bags; one for colors, one for whites and one for delicates. However if you don’t do that you can separate them before you put them into the washing machine.

Step Two:

Once you have put your clothes into the washing machine then you need to add your washing powder/ tablet. Read the information on the packaging of your chosen product as they can all differ. I like using bold, it has a nice smell and seems to do well washing my clothes. 

Step Three:

You need to decide what setting you should put it on. I would suggest always putting it on 30 degrees. As it cleans your clothes while being better for the environment!

Step Four:

Start the washing machine and walk away! Don’t forget to check what time you need come back. It’s really annoying if people leave it for ages!

Step Five:

Once the washing has finished you either need to put it in a tumble dryer (More money) or air dry it on a clothes horse.

Now you have lovely clean clothes!

Waste not, Want not!

Hey guys.

I decided to do something a little different than normal, in a way I guess I am sharing a different type of my university life than normal. This is some of the work I have created for my degree, yes I am sure you will think I am doing a brainless subject, I thought you would enjoy seeing it.

The video also contains tips on how not to waste food along with other items, this will obviously be a great way to save money. More coming tomorrow!

The Hangover part 2: The morning after the night before

I am back again with the second part of the hangover cures! This time I will be looking at what you can do to help get over your hangover the day after you have been drinking.

I’m not doing sport!

One of the best things I think you can drink the morning after a night out is a sports drink. They are specifically made to rehydrated your body and according to some of the brands can be more hydration than water. My favorite is Lucozade sport in raspberry. It’s not too sweet but is also refreshing

It’s tradition

Yes, everyone knows of the world most famous hangover cure. The amazing Fried breakfast Yum! I have a few recommendations of places to get your fried cure. If you live in England then look out for a pubs that are part of the scream pub collection. They have great breakfast and they are super cheap! If you don’t then take a look at your Students Unions. Again my SU sells a full english for a couple of quid!

No longer fizzy

This one is for when you are feeling/ being sick! I have no idea how this is meant to help but I have received this advice from a doctor. They said that if you are vomiting then you should try and drink fizzy drinks that have gone flat. I think that it should be flat because it is much easier to keep down if you are ill and the sugar in the drinks give you energy. I have no idea if this is true though!

hair of the dog

I have to admit that the other week I was very a little bit ill after drinking the night before. My boyfriend was determined that the thing that would make me better. I didn’t try it though!

Brush your teeth

I know this seems really strange but if your feeling really ill you are unlikely to want to stick a toothbrush in your mouth. However the minty taste in the toothpaste wakes me up and helped me feel better but I hated the idea! If you really feel like you can’t stomach a toothbrush use mouth wash.


This is another I picked up last week but I thought I would share! I found that once i had my boyfriend in my flat talking to me and taking my mind off my rubbish-ness I felt a lot better. I also think something about not wanting to throw up in front of him may have also helped lol! but it’s still a good plan, it stops you feeling sorry for yourself.

So those are my tips on how to feel better once the hangover has hit. I hope you enjoyed it and feel better now you hangover is in the past.

Bye x

Daily nugget!

-Ironically I wrote this while my boyfriend is out! might be using these tips for him tomorrow!

-I had a great birthday and will be celebrating jointly with my bf on wednesday.

-His friends are down on friday. Might do a blog post on having friends at uni!

Freshers Week

Freshers week is famous with all uni goers and more, but this blog will help you survive it and have fun.

Tip one- move in at the right time

This tip might seem strange because there are obvious times to move in but how will they help you enjoy freshers week? You want to try and move into your flat on the same day as everyone or at least before. My flat all moved in on saturday apart from one person who moved in the next day. Although a day seems like nothing, in the world of freshers it seemed like forever. I felt like i was best friends with some of my flat mates before the final girl had even moved in. So when she got there we were all close, had jokes about the night before and she knew nothing about them.

Tip two- Open the door
I have to admit my flat almost didn’t follow this rule but lucky we did. When anyone knocks on your flat door open it and welcome them in. While we were getting ready to go to out for the night. We had a knock on our flat door; me and one of my flat mates opened the door to a large group of guys. They tried to convince us they knew one of our flat mates and she invited us, and I hate to say that as they didn’t know her name and were very drunk we almost closed the door on them. Lucky we didn’t and one of those guys just happens to be my boyfriend

Tip three- become friends
Make sure you try to become friends with your flat mates. You will be living for at least a year and they are perfectly situated to be there whenever you need them. If your flat mates aren’t around or you already know you hate them move right along! Why not go to the flat across the corridor and become friends with them? Or do as my flatmate and take to facebook; everytime she had a free moment she would go on facebook and find someone in our halls to meet up with.

Tip four-search facebook before you arrive
There are so many things to do before you get to your halls on the first day, however a few of them will help you feel settled in before you get there. One of these is facebook; try searching for groups related to your course, halls or just uni if you have to. I had a group for my halls freshers of 2011, where we could all start talking before we even arrived. We also managed to make posts on our course and moving in times and who was in what flat. This meant i could see some of my flatmates before I arrived! Hello facebook stalking!

Tip five- make a list and check it twice
If its good enough for Santa its good enough for me! Before you go to uni make sure you know what you need to take and that you actually take it. I ended up forgetting my paperwork. It wasn’t a nightmare but I spent a week working out what I needed to do from a text.

Tip 6- Don’t get everything
Ok. So I may be going against what I have said before but you don’t need everything that uni tells you. My book list was at least 5 books long when I actually only need 2 books. The rest I read random chapters from and could easily borrow from the library. My boyfriend managed until the last term to get his, although its not recommended.

Tip 7- Freshers week is in the day aswell!

The boys at my uni seemed to forget that freshers week was also used to enroll onto our courses, meet our lecturers and on my course do some practice writing! I would highly recommend going to these as I made some great friends this week.

So there are my hints and tips for freshers week. I hope they help and leave your tips for others to read.