Homesick help!

Today is Football day in my house, that means 3 football games, 1 match of the day and games of PES and Fifa! So with that having been announced I decided that I would sort out my room and get blogging.

The other day I talked about the classic symptoms that you have become a student. One of those things was that I said was about feeling home sick. I wanted to go back and talk about this a little more. Over the last week I have felt really home sick so I understand what it feels like. I have also seen my elder step sister going through it.

I hope you don’t mind that this is another list of tips. I will do some proper posts soon.

A picture paints a thousand words

I know when you move away from home it can sometimes feel like you are leaving an old life behind and starting again. However that isn’t true, you a moving onto a new stage of life not a new life.

Keep memories of your friends and family around your room. Pictures are an obvious thing to put up, but letter from a friend or a trinket from the family holiday may also be great. Plus your childhood toy, if teddy got you this far you don’t have to ditch him now.

Go back 

One of the main stresses that causes Home sickness is the worry of not having a place to go back to. So if you are feeling a little worried or homesick then think about going back. I am not saying you should unpack and hop straight back into the car with your parents.

You need to give your new home and possible friends a chance. Your life at university is a new experience and you will never find it the best experience if you don’t get in there.

Keep it the same

This tip is more aimed towards parents and siblings left behind. Although it is really tempting to see the large room becoming empty when your sister goes to uni as a great new room for you to move into. However this can make their university life even harder.

As I said before, homesicknes is mainly caused by the worry of having nowhere to retuern home to. So if you return home to the little box room after been kicked out of your room this makes the move even harder on you.

Get out there

When your feeling homesick it sometimes feels like the only thing to do is to lock yourself in your room and feel upset. However if you get out of your room, go on a night out or just round to a friends house, it takes your mind off your family back at home and gets you thinking about whats going on now.

Phone home 

Believe it or not phoning home actually wont make you miss home more. Checking in every now and then to make sure your mum’s ok, Your brothers test went well and the dog is been walked is perfectly fine. If you are living far away from home and can’t easily get back then think about downloading Skype on your laptop and home computer. If you have a fairly modern computer then you should be able to see and talk to your parents making everything seem better.

Stick at it. 

On the first night at university it is easy to think that you have made a huge mistake. Don’t run away just yet though,  give it a few days to get used to your new life and make friends. Once you have gone home you are likely to feel better.

see the Pro’s 

If you are feeling especially homesick and feel it is actually getting in the way of your life then all universities, within the Uk at least, have a welfare section who can help you deal with home sickness including getting you to see a Councilor for free (you won’t get that out of uni!)

This post was written with some of my friends and families experience in mind as well as my own. I know of people who have dropped out of uni or moved uni’s because of feeling so homesick.

I hope this helped. 

You know you’re a student when

So I have had an internet connection for the last few days but, although I have had a slightly laid back life, I haven’t had the time to write a post. Or to be honest the creativity to get my mind working.

After fighting with my laptop for the last couple of days, I have stolen a mouse out of my boyfriends computer bag, Shhhh!

My freshers week

So today I thought that I would write a post called, you know you’re a student when. So have you officially become a student?

  1. You have the worlds largest bag of pasta.

When I moved into my Uni Halls one of the first things I noticed was that one of my flatmates and I had both brought the worlds largest bag of pasta. I have to say all my flat enjoyed the pasta for the whole of the first term. (oooh it was good!)

2.You have gone out to a freshers event. 

I know that not everyone likes going out to a clubs however freshers week is always an exception. The experience of going out with your new friends will be memories I love looking back on.

My freshers week with my friends was amazing. I would honestly not every take it back, even the awkward stuff.

 3.You decided something stupid is a meal.

On my first night, and second, I thought a pot noodle was a sensible choice before drinking. missed home 

I know this is something that everyone hates about going away from university, and having fun is great, but missing home is something that is totally normal! Yesterday I ended up crying because I missed home. It was my mummy’s birthday.

5.You make a load of new friends. 

You are officially a student when you have met your flatmates, course mates or Randomers and have made them your friends.

Have a great week!

What to expect when you live in halls

What to expect when moving into halls

Missing food.
In every halls of residents there is a food monster, who sneaks into the kitchen when nobody is about and takes your food. At least this is the only explantation I have come up with to explain how food goes missing and people’s stuff gets used without anyone in the flat knowing where it goes.

Some Halls provide a padlock on the cupboards to only allow you to get your stuff. This is great and should stop the monster!

Sex is all around you.
University is known for being based around sex, drinking and possibly drugs. So it probably isn’t a surprise that you will hear some excitement from the room above/next door/below. However when you are trying to get to sleep or having friends round it can be a little cringe.

Party rock is in the house tonight!
Living in a house with a number of other people all studying different courses you will no doubt have a clash of timing every now and then. So while you are trying to study or write an essay you room mate may want to have a party or loud sex (try not to write SEX SEX SEX EWWW in your essay!)

Things that go bump in the night.
I don’t know what it is about the designers of student halls but they have managed to make a building where 99.9% of all the rooms will be able to hear everything that goes on by the main entrance. This basically means that every night you will be able to hear the door banging shut and people shouting as they come back from whatever club had a big night that night.

A knock at the door
Once you have become friends with your flatmates they will come knocking on your door at anytime they know you are in!

Year one review: Moving in

This blog post comes with a slight disclaimer, no it doens’t contain sexual content, however it does contain information about drunken behaviour. Freshers week is a little blurry in my mind so this post may not always make sense. Hope you enjoy though. Image

The morning of the 24th September 2011 will always be a memorable one, its the day I left my family home and moved into my university halls. I remember packing up all my belongings I wanted to take. It turns out I didn’t take enough clothes but I guess I had to go there to work it out.

Packing everything into the car, we could barely fit my family and my belongings. Once we had completed the tetras game of getting everything into the car we started to drive away.

Slowly pulling out of the drive at my house, it seemed so strange to watch my house get smaller the same way it always had done, but this was so different. I wouldn’t be returning to the home. My Mum would come back the next day and carry on living her life while I was living else where.

Opening the door to my flat the new key and fob in my hand I was met by a long corridor 7 doors came off it. The first room on the right, E, that was mine. The corridor was filled with peoples belongings, everyone was trying to fit their life into a small room. The room in which a new life would begin.

After I had moved everything in, although not everything in place, my Mum and step dad left. They were staying in hotel in the center of town, it meant that they were close for my first night. If anything went wrong then they could help me, they were my safety net. Once they have left I went into the kitchen where some of my flat mates and some other people were playing drinking games. Some of the other people turned out to be my closest friend during the following year. After a number of drinking games we all decided it was time to get ready for going out.

Getting ready felt like the sort of thing you would see in a film. We had music playing in our corridor from one of my flat mates room. Three of us were running in and out of our room running into the kitchen to make our Pot Noodles. (Not the best idea for day 1 going drinking!)

While we were getting ready there was a knock at the door. I think I will always remember this moment. I was doing my makeup, Hannah was getting ready and Abi was on the phone. Abi was the one to answer the door, as I was next to the door I could hear the voices of a big group.

I walked out of my room to see the doorway filled with a group of guys. I didn’t know it at the time, but one of those guys. The one at the back, dark brown hair and a cheeky smile on his face. He wasn’t the first guy I saw in the group but by the end of the year, I would be dating him, in fact by the end of the year I would be in love with that guy.

10 tips for uni rooms

I found this on the Telegraph website and thought it was great to get you thinking about what you will need for uni!

Not long to go!

A-level results are just around the corner, which means that parents across the country will soon have to face the dreaded moment when their little darlings head off to university.

For new students, it is a chance to flee the coop. You don’t want to arrive with a big picture of your mother and father. But it is still important to make your room homely. You’ll spend most of your days dropping in on others, and being dropped in on yourself. Your room becomes an extension of you. Having the right decorations is key.

Here are 10 ways students can make the new life easier, and ease the strain on their parents.

1 Pack a trunk

A new room won’t feel like home until you’ve filled it with your personal flourishes. Freshers should take a tip from boarding school veterans, and pack a large trunk with all the nick-nacks and antiques that make their rooms feel special.

Books, artworks, and curios dotted around will make it clear that you are an interesting individual. A trunk can also be used as an impromptu chair or table, for when all the new chums descend for drinking games.

2 Avoid obvious clichés

Leave behind anything to do with Che Guevara, or those French Art Nouveau Absinthe/Black Cat posters. Everyone has them. Ditto Abercrombie and Fitch ads or the Keep Calm and Carry On poster which your mum has in the kitchen back home.

3 Don’t wear your heart on your walls

You probably don’t want to alienate that charming person you met at Fresher’s Week with a Socialist Workers Unite poster on the wall, or a Young Conservatives summer party invitation. So keep it to a couple of vaguely interesting pictures and a cork pinboard. And don’t forget a hammer and some picture hooks.

4 Gap-year conversation starters

Pack that lovely Mexican throw, the baseball glove from your summer in America and the cushions from Bulgaria. They will make your room look different, and encourage conversation on something you know about. Avoid marshalling new friends through the 5,000 photos of you bungee jumping in South Africa. Even if it was Just Incredible.

5 Food

Eating together is part of the fun. Arriving with just one plate, one fork, one knife, one spoon and one mug sends out the wrong message.

A few big jazzy dishes and serving spoons for the communal spaghetti bolognese are essential. A big teapot or an eight-cup cafetière is a good idea too.

It is also crucial to have a few recipes, to avoid existing entirely on Cheerios and alcopops. Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course has probably saved millions of young lives. In particular, her barbecue chicken is simple and delicious. There is a great list of student cookbooks at

6 Bed moments

You will spend a lot of your time in bed, so it might as well be comfortable. Invest in some proper blankets or Egyptian cotton sheets from John Lewis. You could also check out linen in the Heal’s sale as it is usually available at a massive discount. While we’re on soft furnishings, a pair of decent curtains will brighten up your room and make it personal. Habitat or John Lewis have a ready-made selection.

7 Practicalities

Boring, but not nearly as boring as being caught without them. Essentials include a corkscrew, extension plug, rubber bands, laundry baskets, a desk lamp and tea towels.

8 Games

With university fees darkening the horizon, you (and your parents’ banks) may not feel like spending a lot of money on going out. Pack some good old fashioned board games. Pinch the family Scrabble or Monopoly, and also take some packs of playing cards. They will be crucial if you are going to live up to your ambition of funding your way through university by playing poker.

9 Music

A portable instrument such as a ukulele or guitar is a brilliant accessory. Particularly if you know how to play it, and have a selection of seductive Paul Simon numbers up your sleeve. But leave the Fender electric guitar, just for the moment, until you get a better handle on the character and tastes of your neighbours.

10 Finally, things to avoid

Old school files will make you look sad. Giant pictures of a distant lover may put off a new or current lover. An exercise bike, or other fitness equipment are sure to only sit and gather dust.

Time to wash

When you move away to university you have to learn new skills and learn them quickly. One of the things I didn’t think about having to learn was how to clean my clothes. I quickly learnt I had 3 options. I could learn to do it myself, get a boyfriend/ girlfriend to do it (that’s what my boyfriend did!) or make my Mommy do it. So I learnt how to do it, it was pretty damn easy.

So I thought I would help you share my uni washing tips! The washing machines is university halls are often bigger than the traditional washing machine you would find at home. You are also likely to have to pay  to use them, it was £2:20-£2:40 in my halls.

My washing machine

What you will need:

Dirty clothes

Washing powder/tablets

Washing machine


Step One:

The first thing you need to do is separate your washing. The easiest way to do that is by having separate laundry bags; one for colors, one for whites and one for delicates. However if you don’t do that you can separate them before you put them into the washing machine.

Step Two:

Once you have put your clothes into the washing machine then you need to add your washing powder/ tablet. Read the information on the packaging of your chosen product as they can all differ. I like using bold, it has a nice smell and seems to do well washing my clothes. 

Step Three:

You need to decide what setting you should put it on. I would suggest always putting it on 30 degrees. As it cleans your clothes while being better for the environment!

Step Four:

Start the washing machine and walk away! Don’t forget to check what time you need come back. It’s really annoying if people leave it for ages!

Step Five:

Once the washing has finished you either need to put it in a tumble dryer (More money) or air dry it on a clothes horse.

Now you have lovely clean clothes!

The Hangover part 2: The morning after the night before

I am back again with the second part of the hangover cures! This time I will be looking at what you can do to help get over your hangover the day after you have been drinking.

I’m not doing sport!

One of the best things I think you can drink the morning after a night out is a sports drink. They are specifically made to rehydrated your body and according to some of the brands can be more hydration than water. My favorite is Lucozade sport in raspberry. It’s not too sweet but is also refreshing

It’s tradition

Yes, everyone knows of the world most famous hangover cure. The amazing Fried breakfast Yum! I have a few recommendations of places to get your fried cure. If you live in England then look out for a pubs that are part of the scream pub collection. They have great breakfast and they are super cheap! If you don’t then take a look at your Students Unions. Again my SU sells a full english for a couple of quid!

No longer fizzy

This one is for when you are feeling/ being sick! I have no idea how this is meant to help but I have received this advice from a doctor. They said that if you are vomiting then you should try and drink fizzy drinks that have gone flat. I think that it should be flat because it is much easier to keep down if you are ill and the sugar in the drinks give you energy. I have no idea if this is true though!

hair of the dog

I have to admit that the other week I was very a little bit ill after drinking the night before. My boyfriend was determined that the thing that would make me better. I didn’t try it though!

Brush your teeth

I know this seems really strange but if your feeling really ill you are unlikely to want to stick a toothbrush in your mouth. However the minty taste in the toothpaste wakes me up and helped me feel better but I hated the idea! If you really feel like you can’t stomach a toothbrush use mouth wash.


This is another I picked up last week but I thought I would share! I found that once i had my boyfriend in my flat talking to me and taking my mind off my rubbish-ness I felt a lot better. I also think something about not wanting to throw up in front of him may have also helped lol! but it’s still a good plan, it stops you feeling sorry for yourself.

So those are my tips on how to feel better once the hangover has hit. I hope you enjoyed it and feel better now you hangover is in the past.

Bye x

Daily nugget!

-Ironically I wrote this while my boyfriend is out! might be using these tips for him tomorrow!

-I had a great birthday and will be celebrating jointly with my bf on wednesday.

-His friends are down on friday. Might do a blog post on having friends at uni!

Freshers Week

Freshers week is famous with all uni goers and more, but this blog will help you survive it and have fun.

Tip one- move in at the right time

This tip might seem strange because there are obvious times to move in but how will they help you enjoy freshers week? You want to try and move into your flat on the same day as everyone or at least before. My flat all moved in on saturday apart from one person who moved in the next day. Although a day seems like nothing, in the world of freshers it seemed like forever. I felt like i was best friends with some of my flat mates before the final girl had even moved in. So when she got there we were all close, had jokes about the night before and she knew nothing about them.

Tip two- Open the door
I have to admit my flat almost didn’t follow this rule but lucky we did. When anyone knocks on your flat door open it and welcome them in. While we were getting ready to go to out for the night. We had a knock on our flat door; me and one of my flat mates opened the door to a large group of guys. They tried to convince us they knew one of our flat mates and she invited us, and I hate to say that as they didn’t know her name and were very drunk we almost closed the door on them. Lucky we didn’t and one of those guys just happens to be my boyfriend

Tip three- become friends
Make sure you try to become friends with your flat mates. You will be living for at least a year and they are perfectly situated to be there whenever you need them. If your flat mates aren’t around or you already know you hate them move right along! Why not go to the flat across the corridor and become friends with them? Or do as my flatmate and take to facebook; everytime she had a free moment she would go on facebook and find someone in our halls to meet up with.

Tip four-search facebook before you arrive
There are so many things to do before you get to your halls on the first day, however a few of them will help you feel settled in before you get there. One of these is facebook; try searching for groups related to your course, halls or just uni if you have to. I had a group for my halls freshers of 2011, where we could all start talking before we even arrived. We also managed to make posts on our course and moving in times and who was in what flat. This meant i could see some of my flatmates before I arrived! Hello facebook stalking!

Tip five- make a list and check it twice
If its good enough for Santa its good enough for me! Before you go to uni make sure you know what you need to take and that you actually take it. I ended up forgetting my paperwork. It wasn’t a nightmare but I spent a week working out what I needed to do from a text.

Tip 6- Don’t get everything
Ok. So I may be going against what I have said before but you don’t need everything that uni tells you. My book list was at least 5 books long when I actually only need 2 books. The rest I read random chapters from and could easily borrow from the library. My boyfriend managed until the last term to get his, although its not recommended.

Tip 7- Freshers week is in the day aswell!

The boys at my uni seemed to forget that freshers week was also used to enroll onto our courses, meet our lecturers and on my course do some practice writing! I would highly recommend going to these as I made some great friends this week.

So there are my hints and tips for freshers week. I hope they help and leave your tips for others to read.

The Hangover

We all know you are you going to go out and drink too much while your at uni no one is going to stop you doing that. But I can try and stop you getting a hangover or at least help you deal with it!

Eat the stodgy food

The best place to start helping beat a hangover is before you even start drinking. Make sure you eat a proper meal before you start drinking. The best food for soaking up alcohol is carbohydrates! So try to eat pasta, bread or potato with your meal. I found that freshers week was the worst for this; the day I moved into halls we all started drinking before we ate and then indulged in a not-healthy or filling pot noodle. The end result was we were great friends the next day but also in bed all day nursing a hangover!

The Boring one

I have to admit that if you follow this rule you better than I am but I thought I should share it! Drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. I told you it was boring but alcohol will dehydrate you so drinking water in between each drink will stop the dehydration and stop the headache.

Passe your self!

I am sure you laughed at the last tip so if you can’t drink water try to passe your drinks. The more time between each drink gives your body more time to digest your alcohol. Note: roughly it takes an hour to digest one unit of alcohol.

Back to the water

I know this post is all water, water, water! At the end of the night before you go to bed try and drink at least 3 glasses of water before sleep!

Get girly

Girls here is my favorite tip I can give you and it comes from my eldest sister! You get back at the end of the night and get your glass of water you need to drink before bed. Put on a chick flick and add some yummy ice cream! I have to admit the ice cream tastes great and the chick flick is a fun way to end the night especially with friends. Say thanks to Sister Confessions!

The morning after the night before

For ideas on how to combat the hangover when it’s the next day and it’s too late watch out for my post about how to save your self from suffering too much once you already have your hangover!

Stay tuned I’ll be back soon x

P.s. share your confessions too!