About Me

Sitting daintily among the flowers, bright blonde hair, pink sunglasses and a huge smile. It’s easy to see that this girl knows how to have fun!

What Lauren didn’t know was that she would be sharing her smile with people all around the world; as well as her secretes from university life.




This is Lauren’s story

Award winning

Lauren on her 18th Birthday Royal wedding theme!

Born and bred a city girl Lauren grew up in Birmingham, England’s second biggest city. However even with the big city surrounding her Lauren was always a family girl. Her Mother, a nurse and Father an actor worked a lot meaning  she spent a lot of her childhood spent with her Grandparents, Aunts and Cousins. “Some of my best childhood memories are of my grandparents taking me and my two younger cousins to Stratford-Upon-Avon. We would spend the day playing by the river and then have a picnic in the fields.” Lauren told us.

Maybe her childhood activities were an indication of what she would become as she got older. At the age of 7 Lauren took after her father and joined a drama school, she took part in a number of productions (The Tempest, The snow Queen.) as well as doing LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) awards. It was immediately obvious that Lauren had the ability to hold an audiences attention. Her creative career choice was not one that any of her family was surprised by.

Messing around after her mothers wedding

However the road to become and blogger and journalism student has not been that easy. At ages 9, a year after her parents divorce, Lauren was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Her writing was the most affected, her spelling was quite below the average for a child of her age. The discovery of her Dyslexia knocked her confidence in English, and stopped enjoying her love of books.

After two hard years with her parents divorce and discovering her Dyslexia Lauren still tried hard at school but struggled along for a number of years. As she started to get more help; weekend schooling and extra support at her school her grades and her own confidence in English started to improve.

School girl in Freshers wee

In year 10 at the age of 15 Lauren, along with a small group of other students, was given the opportunity to write articles for their local newspaper. Working together and with the editor each students created their own article which was published in the paper. Lauren’s first article was about Step families.

“It was such a great experience learning the simplest tips of how to create a article. When I saw it in the newspaper it was so much fun. I kind of became addicted.” 

When they had published all of their stories Lauren wasn’t ready to give up the idea of writing as a professional. Once she finished school at aged 16 she quickly enrolled in a Media studies course at her local Sixth Form College. Throughout her two year course Lauren got suck into all of the different types of media involved in the course. She enjoyed the ability to act and perform in front of the camera again and in her second year loved leading a group of students in creating a number of magazines.

Lauren with her boyfriend, Chris.

When it came to choosing her degree Lauren looked around a number of different universities but she knew that her degree had to include Journalism or Media.

On the 24th of September 2011 Lauren moved out of her home with her parents and moved into her university halls to start the new adventures. Follow this blog to find out her secretes and adventures.

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