Hey guys!

I know I have been gone for ages, but I have come back with an exciting competition.

I have bee contacted by Watchbot to host a give-away for you guys!  WatchBot - View what's important to you, Anytime... Anywhere...

As I am sure many of you know student houses are often a target for criminals as they are often filled with expensive electronics; from Macbooks to Ipads and Cameras! They are also well know for not being hard to get into as it is only a rented apartment- so is not top priority!


I had a friend who was in her house when a burglar entered through the front door, walked in and just took a number of items.


The watchbot gives you a CCTV style camera which can be watched on your Phone, Ipad and Laptop so you can make sure your home is safe while you are away.

To be in with a chance to win a Watchbot fill in the box below and I will let you know who has won by the end of the month!!!


Good luck


P.s check out my review- will be published tomorrow!


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