Well, hasn’t this year gone quickly! I can’t believe It is only a few days until we welcome 2014 in with a Big Bang. So i thought I would do a review of the year for uni confessions.

new year

I will start off with this blog post and work back because, I guess very aptly, this is the 100th blog post! I can’t believe that I have written is much, and yet so little in this slice of the internet. Along with that In December, Uni Confessions reached 100 followers via email. It Is mad it think that every time I hit the little publish button over a hundred emails are being sent it all of you, I sort of never think of that when I upload at 2am, sorry about that.

This year we also celebrated the first birthday of this website, although some of you may know that I was blogging about the same things under the name ‘confessions of a uni blogger’ long before that. In June, I had been writing on here for a year and in December I celebrated a year of having uni-confessions.co.uk as a domain name.

Since the blog began I have had over 4,000 views at the day of writing this, which in its self Is amazing.

But one of the best things this blog has brought me this year is the social things. I attended two cosmopolitan conferences: one for blogging and another for jobs within the media industry. And a bloggers meetup in Leicester in October, where I had the pleasure of meeting a number of wonderful lifestyle and beauty bloggers (and buying my first mac product!!)

This year has been truly amazing and I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without your support. Ever time someone follows my blog, posts a comment or just simply reads a post I get so excited it know you and out there somewhere reading.

I have a number of plans for 2014, including setting up a YouTube Chanel, and finding more wats to interact with you. If you have any ideas on how I can improve this blog please let me know.

Thank you for all your support and I hope you have a magical new year!
Lauren x

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