Seriously Spicy Pasta Sauce

When I was at uni last year I brought all of my pasta sauce from the supermarket but over the summer, after a number of far too sweet sauces, I have decided to cook pasta sauce myself. 

 I have been shocked at how simple and cheap some sauces can be, you basically just throw whatever you have into a pot! So I thought I would share with you a seriously spicy pasta sauce. This has a great kick to it unlike the shop brought stuff! 



1 can of tomatoes chopped. 

1 pack of ground beef 

4 table spoons of tomato Ketchup 

1-2 tea spoons of herbs de Provence 

1-2 tea spoons oregano. 

2 sticks of celery

2 small onions 

1 scotch bonnet chilli 

1 normal chilli 

1 packet of bacon. 


  1. Get the ground beef out of the freezer and begin to defrost roughly an hour before you are going to cook. If your really organized de-frost it over night in the fridge but you don’t have to. Cut the beef into smaller sections and place into the pan with a small amount of oil. 
  2. Allow the meat to begin to brown off stirring occasionally to cook it all. While the meat is cooking cut your bacon into small pieces, Dice the onions into chunky sections and slice the Celery. 
  3. Once the beef has browned Pour in the can of chopped tomatoes, re-fill the can with water and add that as well.  Mix the meat and liquid together and add the tomato Ketchup and allow to bubble away. 
  4. add the herbs into to pot and stir. Add the scotch bonnet chili whole and allow to soak in the liquid. Allow the liquid to bubble away with the lid of until the liquid has reduced. 
  5. Once the sauce has reduced to much less liquid, add the other chili chopped into small pieces and mixed in with the sauce. 
  6. Get the Scotch Bonnet Chilli out of the sauce and throw away. The Sauce is now ready to serve.  

 This sauce is perfect with any type of pasta and plenty of cheese. 


My Confessions. 

I finally have an internet connection again Hoary! 

I am starting a new series called ‘Dear Diary’ on here next week which will be more personal

I have lasted my final freshers week and my boyfriend is on his way to see me 


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