Results day

So, the day is finally here!

After what feels like many months of waiting the A-level results are out. So here’s my advice. 

If you got into your university 

1) Celebrate.

It’s amazing and well done. You can happily relax in the knowledge that you are heading off to university in a few months so get out the bubbly and buy some cake!

2) Take Pictures. 

The day that I passed my A-levels is one that will stay with me forever, even though I can barely remember the results. It was the start of the rest of my life. So make sure you take lots of pictures of your celebrations, it will be great to look back on while your at uni. 

3) Get organising. 

you have very little time before you move out of your family home and create a new life, with new friend, new food and a new bed to lie in. Before you go you will need to buy your basic uni essentials and say goodbye to those you love.

4) Go out TONIGHT! 

Going out on results night is one of the best events every. Everyone is excited, literally EVERYONE. It is a mass of students who are going through exactly the same as you. It is also a great way to celebrate with your friends. 


If you don’t get it. 

1) Don’t panic. 

Running around like a headless chicken all day is not going to help. Take some deep breaths and re-evaluate? Ok, so you can’t go to Oxford; where else would be nice? 

2) Contact your college/ Sixth Form. 

They are going to have a number of staff members waiting to give you advice. You might even have people from local universities coming to offer places to any clearing students. 

3) Contact universities. 

Weather it’s the university you really wanted, to see if you can get in some other way or one the other end of the country. Make sure you contact them as they can give you the best help. 

4) Go out TONIGHT!

I know it seems like a rubbish idea. Everyone will be celebrating but you, however your friends are going to be the most supportive people in this situation. You will all be talking about your grades and universities but you will feel worse in a few months having missed out on the epic night! 

Also not everyone even applies to university! You won’t be alone and hopefully, you will already be in a new place. 


Have a great day and Well Done with what ever you got! 



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