Why is everyone growing up?

Think I'll stick to uni!

Think I’ll stick to uni!

I am honestly not sure what is going on with society at the moment; maybe I have just got that age in my life, but everyone is settling down.

Over the past few months I have heard about breakups because there was “no future”, all my class mates from school seem to be having babies or getting married, and I am attending the wedding of a 21 year old couple in a few months. I have barely finished my teenage years and people around me are already getting on with adulthood. When did this happen?

When you’re at university you sort of become stuck in time. You don’t feel like you are getting older, you are still in education and you tend to have a strange day pattern. 12 pm mornings and 4 am bedtime ring a bell?

However while we are stuck in a life without responsibilities, having fun every night and sleeping in everyday. Friends who haven’t gone into further education have started their adult lives. They work 9-5, and possibly have done for a number of years, they are earning a regular income and their relationships seem to be more meaningful.

If I hadn’t have gone away to university would I be engaged? Pregnant? and living with my boyfriend?

I know for me since I have started university my life has changed so much. I have fallen in love, met some amazing people and learnt some great new things about myself. But with all of these people around me starting their lives with families am I missing out?

Do you think friends who haven’t gone to uni got more serious in their personal life?


2 thoughts on “Why is everyone growing up?

  1. I can’t speak to your corner of the world, but most of the people that I know with better relationships and co-parenting skills have went to university. I think most people need that time in which to grow up and acquire a skill that will translate into being able to take care of themselves before they marry. I believe that everything happens in its time, and it doesn’t do us any good to try to rush things or slow them down. Comparison kills. If you are happy with where you are in life and where you’re going, keep to the path that you’re traveling.

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