It’s because my parents are divorced!

I drive my boyfriend crazy when  I talk about how divorce can affect children as they grown older. I know that it can affect me, my thoughts on relationship and my own self-confidence have been blamed on my parents divorce. In fact I even wrote an feature article about it earlier this year (I will post it here if I can find it!).

However as I have been looking around the internet getting ready to start my dissertation next year, I found an article about broken families and writing your dissertation.

The article said that the majority of university students use the christmas holiday as the time to start writing their dissertation, this is not the first time sensible students start working on it though. However the christmas stress that being in a blended family can put on you can make working on your dissertation even more difficult.

Is this really fair though? Maybe my boyfriend is right, maybe we need to stop blaming our parents failed relationship. After all although my sisters and brother are not biological they don’t make my life bad, they are great. My step mum isn’t my mother but she will help out whenever she can and my stepdad is always doing things to help me.

Surely there are a number of worse situations to be in. What if your parents are always arguing because they stayed together for you, what if there is a crying baby in the house or a younger brother who loves to play his music at 100 decibels. It is always going to be hard to write your dissertation, not everyone can do it. Thats why its so good to have. But we need to grow up and take responsibility. You choose to write your dissertation, it’s your responsibility to get it done.

We all need to stop holding our parents accountable for every bad thing in our life. If my parents were still married would I really have a disney princess perfect life where nothing goes wrong? No!

Hope your getting ready for Easter!


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