When i grow up


It all seems to be hurtling towards me my lectures keep going on about dissertations, my boyfriend is looking at work placements, and I am lost trying to work out what to do when I graduate.

When I applied to university I pictured myself after university, almost like a film, I was sitting at a desk in a posh office typing away at a computer firing off the next article for a glossy magazine. At the end of the day, I left the office, my stylish work clothes easily transformed into an outfit for the local swanky bar and at the end of the night my wonderful doting boyfriend and I would return to our home.

However as that day gets closer, the vision seems to get further away. I will admit that I have become closer to part of that vision; I am now happily in a long term relationship  and I have some pretty nice work clothes. However I have become less certain on the idea of what I will do during the day.

In my first year, I started thinking about the idea of working within hard news, the ‘proper’ news you find in newspapers. I liked the idea of going to work on the big news stories, imagine going to work on some of the biggest stories. Writing about horse meat, crimes and loads of other things.

This year, after doing work experience, I started studying public relations. Once again I started questioning the idea of working within this field. A few weeks ago we had a guest lecture at uni who did a talk on his job within PR. He worked as the head of public relations within a section of the police force, he had worked on a number of cases from murders to rapes and all sort of other cases both around the country and the world. As he explained his job and told stories about the cases he had worked I felt myself falling in love with this job.

A few days later I got an email from my dad about a journalism placement he had heard about, and my love for journalism came back. So I guess I do have vague idea where I want to go when I finnish university.

I want to working for a company where no day is the same, I can wake up one day and have to conduct an interview while the next day I am organising a big project. My fashionable wardrobe will easily adapt to being on camera, being in an office, and conducting an interview. Although I won’t be going home to a house I share with my boyfriend, I still want to live somewhere nice, somewhere my boyfriend will come a visit as often as possible. I guess most importantly I don’t want things to end with him, everything will happen in the end.

When I get up on stage at my graduation, I hope that things will seem clearer, but if not I hope I am happy. Whatever life throws at me, I’m kind of excited to see what happens.


My life

  • I finished writing this at 12:52 last night, but I didn’t upload because I know you all get an email when I upload.
  • I have a lovely bunch of flowers in my room from valentines day.
  • My plans this weekend is to clean my room and do uni work (exciting life)

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One thought on “When i grow up

  1. It’s scary having to decided our career now, we’re still so young. Feel like Peter Pan, I don’t wanna grow up haha! We best enjoy our youthfulness whilst we can.

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