My New Year Wishes

Can you believe that the new year is here already? I decided that I would start the new year by blogging about what I wish to happen in the new year?

My Love Life

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now and I have never felt happier. However this year Chris will be going away to do his placement year, he is currently applying and some of the places he has looked at are abroad. So the next year could have us facing some new challenges.

My love life wish- I hope that Chris and I will manage to get through the next year even if he is studying abroad, after all I hear cheap holiday.

My Professional Life

As you know I am at University, however in the summer holidays I am hoping to get a job within Public Relations. I am starting to look at companies now so I hoping I will find somewhere. I will also be doing Work Experience during the summer in Journalism as I need to do some for my course. By the end of 2013 I will also be having to look at jobs for after university. Ahhhh, thats scary.

My professional wish- to get a good job so I am not so worried about finishing university.

My University Wish

I have been doing really well this year at university. So far I have managed to do really well in my coursework this year, I am hoping that I will continue this throughout the next year, and come out of uni with the best grade possible.

My Uni Wish- To carry on getting the best grades possible.

My Blogging Wish

2012 was the year that started Uni Confessions and I have become so proud of this little blog. We only began in July and we have already turned into something that has become an amazing adventure. I can only hope that the excitement of the blog can thrive and continue.

My Blogging Wish- I hope for this blog to continue to grow, you will see some changes over the next year as I try to improve the blog. I would welcome your views on the blog and I hope you all know you can contact me whenever.

So those are my wishes for 2013. What are your wishes for the next year?

Love lauren blog sign off


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