The Innocents

How a little girls innocents can change a day. 

As I am getting further into my second year, it is becoming more and more clear how important everything is. Each essay, presentation and assignment go towards what I will leave university with. 


On Thursday I had to go into university for a meeting with one of my lectures to discuss my ideas for my next academic essay. For the past week I have been going backwards and forwards trying to decide which of my essay questions I should choose. Which one would I be able to research the best? Which one would I enjoy writing? And could I have a good essay from the question? 


Up until Thursday I was still chopping and changing my mind over what I should to write about. I have to say that my day had been quiet stressful. Doing research on one of the questions, trying to decide what to do and getting some stuff for this blog done! 


I left my house with plenty of time so that I could walk to university and let myself think and calm down on the way. I started walking down the cycle path on the way to university when I saw two girls. I would say that they are about ten (but I am rubbish with ages!) they were walking home together, cuddled up in their cute winter coats. 


I first noticed them as the came out of some bushes where a guy was standing watching. After a while I realised that they were trying to walk as far around this guy as possible. As they got closer and closer to me the guy was still staring back at them. I looked down at them and smiled, I hoped that it could encourage them talk to me if they were worried about the guy. 


Walking closer to them (we were walking in opposite directions) I was surprised when one of them turned to me with a smile and said “you’re really pretty.”


With those few words from two little girls my stress of what to say to my lecture was washed away. I called back to them saying they were pretty too and carried on walking to university with a smile on my face. 


I loved the innocence they had, the sweet way a child can just turn around and say what they are thinking. They can just talk to someone they pass on the street, and that thing can actually make their day. 


On the rest of the journey I thought about how inspring it is. At what age do you stop telling random people they are pretty, why does this stop? As we get older we seem to fall further and further into our own world. Worrying about work, money and family we don’t have time to notice the smile from a person we pass. And even if we did would you think that it is good or would you worry what they think of you? 


Well I want to go back to the days when everything was that easy. Although I might not be able to that I am going to put some of that childhood magic into my life. 


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