10 things you don’t know about me.

 Youtube tags have always been really popular, so I have decided to do the 10 things tag on here!  

1)I write in color. 

Every time I write any of the posts that I upload onto Uni Confessions are actually written in a bright colour. My most normal colours are varying colours of blue or a bright pink. I also write in interesting fonts.. I find that its more interesting to stare at. 

 2)I can’t drive. 

I may be 19 but I don’t own a car and haven’t passed my test. I have tried to take my driving test before but failed. My main problem is that I am not confident when I am in any types of tests. The stress just got too much and I made some stupid mistakes. 


I used to have a youtube Channel called BeautyCupboard. As you can imagine from the name it was a beauty channel. I would try to do makeup tutorials although at the time I really wasn’t very good at makeup. 

 4)I am doing Makeup. 

Outside of my uni course, Over the summer, I started doing a makeup artistry course. I have a slight addiction to make up and after talking to my mum I decided that I could possibly turn in into a career.

 5)I am addicted to Indian Food. 

I think you may slightly already know this from my cooking ideas. However I thought I would describe in more details. When my mum was pregnant she travelled to India with my dad and Granddad, I think that I had way too much curry in her womb. 


The first time I stood up on my own I did it to try and grab a samosa. I still didn’t get it 😦

 6)I have tiny feet. 

You probably read that and thought. Oh small feet, thats not very interesting. Size 4 maybe? Oh no, don’t be silly you can actually get shoes in that size! My feet are a teeny tiny size 2.5. That half really matters! 

 7) I planned my mum’s wedding. 

I am a slight addict at planning events. In fact for a while I thought about doing Event Management at uni. Since I have started uni I have been told by a number of people I should plan weddings (and have promised some friends I will plan theirs.) 

 8) I love watching crime shows. 

I may seem very girly but you will often find me watching Criminal minds. I love trying to work out what happened! At the moment I am addicted to Homeland. 

 9) I used to be able to recite every line from the tempest. 

As a child I went to drama school every weekend, my father was an actor and I tried to follow in his footsteps. I was part of a production of the tempest and once I did that I spent my own time learning every one of miranda’s lines. 

 10) I don’t drink coffee or tea. 

Some people think I am weird but I don’t enjoy either. However I am thinking that I might try one of those fancy-smancy kinda coffee drinks from Starbucks.  

So Those are 10 things I don’t think you know about me! Have you got one to share? Comment below. Talk to you soon. 


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