It’s food time

I know that I have a tendency to talk a lot about cooking. It is a great passion of mine and a great way to stay healthy. But let’s be honest we are uni students not gourmet chefs; sometime you just don’t want to cook.

This post is going to be based on some of the lovely food I have found over the past couple of weeks that is requires no cooking or very little. Get that Microwave ready!

Chicken Chorizo and Chipotle Mayo Sandwich

When I am on my way home from my lectures I have to walk past a Tesco Extra. This can come in really useful when I need to stock up on a few essentials on the way home. Of course this stock up also means that I end up buying their meal deal for lunch.

I walked in today and decided that I would try something new. A Chicken Chorizo and Chipotle Mayo Sandwich, I have to say I may have found my favorite sandwich. The Chorizo gives the sandwich a slight spicy tang to it, Although it would never be too spicy, and the mayo tastes nothing like the normal boring and plain mayo. The Bread is also a little special with sun dried tomato bred. It tastes amazing!

Hungry joe’s

I went food shopping again yesterday and finally managed to wonder around without being pressured to get home for football! So I loved wandering around and looking at products I hadn’t seen before. I was right at the end of the shopping trip, in the frozen food aisle, when I saw a new brand (well I have never seen it before!)

The brand was called Hungry Joe’s and I have to say Joe I love you! This guy’s random food combinations come straight from my brain and into his packet! I brought two of the Hungry Joe’s meals the first one I ate last night which was Chicken Vindaloo with Cardamon rice and a nan bread.

One pet hate I have with store brought curries is that they lie! I have tried so many ‘vindaloos’ or ‘extra spciy’ curries and have wondered if a chili was ever anywhere near it. I am a curry maniac, I have even traveled to india, and I love spice so I want it to be hot, However I understand that it needs to appeal to the masses. Which is another reason why I love this curry, It has a great kick to it and I could definitely taste the spice without it being likely to kill people! The rice is amazing and has a good cardamon kick. Although I did need to stir the rice a little more during cooking and I would suggest that you cook the nan in a toaster.

Indian Burrito Company

My university has a new company called Wrap chic ‘The Indian Burrito Company’ and my golly Gosh! They are good. The idea behind the food is that it a fusion between mexican and Indian food. A flour tortilla is topped with rice, red kidney beans a choice of curry salad and sauce. I Always get the Saag Paneer and it tastes so good.


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