Nail Polish Tips

I want to start off by saying I am sorry for my lack of proper blog posts over the last few days. I have tried to write a number of time but every time I sat down and started typing it just felt wrong! I also attempted to write a very personal piece to commemorate the World Mental Health day on the 10th October (Wednesday!) however again I just found this too hard. Today I am back to writing my own posts but I am starting easy.

What should you do if you have the house to yourself? Well there is one thing that I decided to do; try some new tips I read on how to make painting your nails more easy. I have some friends that seem to have the ability to paint their own nails like a pro. My best friends even does nail art, while I struggle to paint my right hand without painting the whole hand.

So while I was surfing pintrest the other day I found this top tip. If you cover the finger around the nail in vaseline then any nail varnish you get on your finger can easily be pulled off once the nail varnish has dried. I have to say this worked out really well. I used a Q-tip to apply the Vaseline around my nail, I then painted away (going everywhere as normal.) Once the varnish had dried I washed my hands and off came the excess.

The second tip was a god send. One of my favorite nail varnishes is a deep red Revlon polish in exotica. I have loved this colour for years, and I am not sure if they still sell it but more than anything I don’t want to pay for the same polish I already had. So when I read about this idea I was excited; If you add a few drops of nail polish remover to your old polish it will stop been as goopie and go back to a brand new perfectly usable polish.

I have to admit that I was slightly skeptical about this. I use the nail polish remover to remove the nail polish (hence the name!) so why would it make the polish better? Well the red had become so thick I decided that I couldn’t use it anymore anyway so it wouldn’t make it any worse. So I added my nail varnish remover, but the lid back on and got polishing. I loved it! The colour is back to being usable and looks amazing. Such a good way to save money.

Don’t you just love Pintrest!


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