Store Cupboard essentials

I finally managed to go shopping! Since I got my student loan I have been bugging Chris to drive me to Asda to do a weekly shop. (I hate having to walk home with my shopping) On Thursday we finally got around to going to the shops and I stocked up on all of the things I love cooking with at home.

I have to start off this post with a little bit of a confession. Although I have called this post my store cupboard essentials I didn’t have all of these things last year. However I have picked things I have been using a lot in my cooking over the summer, so should be using all the time this year. So here we go.


If you think about your favorite meal I bet it has a potato in it! (Write below your fave meals!) Potatoes are a magical ingredient that can go with anything because they are so damn versatile. I love a Jacket Potato for my lunch, as I always feel they are kind of healthy. You can also make so much more: chips/ Wedges, Mash, Roasted, pie topping… The list goes on and on. 


Bread is a great snackie food. I am slightly addicted to cheese on toast at the moment but you can also use bread as part of a quick meal. Yummy with Soup, Beans on toast, egg on toast, Toast… And any other form of toast! 


If you get cans of soup they can last you longer than your uni life, so they are a great thing to have in the back of the cupboard. It is a brilliant thing to eat in the middle of winter to warm you up or if you are feeling ill. My boyfriends parents always bring him to uni with one tin of every type of soup you can think of. I will try and get a pic of his cupboard. 

-Hot sauce

This is one of the options that may scare you. If you don’t like Spicy food then don’t get it, but one of the sucky things about been a student is that you end up buy cheap food, so you can still go out.  Cheap food normally means no flavor, your spicy sauce can add that much needed taste to boring meals. 


I am a slight cheese addict, so this could just be me but I think that cheese is a must have to have in a uni kitchen. A standard Cheddar cheese is the best I think; my favorite is Tickler extra mature cheddar but I am also a fan of Cathedral city. I quiet often have either Mozzarella or Feta cheese as an extra addiction depending on what mood I am in and the sort of food I might cook. 

-Herbs and flavorings

These are some of the things I have added to my cupboard list over the summer. It isn’t just one herb but I thought I would group together. These are the ones I have at the moment but I may buy more. 


This is actually one that I did have last year because I am in love with Paprika. I used it in mashed Potato to add a little interesting kick, I have also used it in a pie. 


Fresh basil is an amazing taste and texture to any meal, however at uni you are  not going to be keeping a plant healthy so why bother. I find that basil is great for cooking Italian food among many others. 

-Chili Powder

This is another one of those if you don’t like hot food then you probably wont want to buy this. I love adding this to a curry to give it a kick, again it can be used in so many other ways aswell. 


Again another new herb that I love. I think this can add an extra depth to any meal. No longer a boring meal it has a great taste. 


Having been brought up a vegetarian I am not a mad meat eater. However I do like chicken, as far as I am concerned this is the best meat and can go in pretty much anything. Chicken in a marinade, in a sauce, Roasted, kebab ect. If you like other meat then you can decided on what meat you want. 


We have to make our mothers happy and keep away those freshers pounds away. So we need to have vegetables in the house. I would suggest a couple of onions, some peppers, tomatoes (although a fruit!) and some tinned sweetcorn. (Frozen peas are also great! These are just an easy way to make things a little healthier 


I always like to have some fruit in the house because I like to think it stops me snacking on junk. I find Apples would probably be great on the run to uni I am loving grapes at the moment so they are my current food store fave fruit. 


Incase a vampire ever comes into my house I am pretty sure I am safe. With my love of both Indian and Italian food I don’t think I could function properly without garlic. It is great to add in while cooking to give you an amazing taste. However use with caution: Don’t use too much and don’t use it the day before an important interview (or date!) 

Bloody hell this is nearly 1000 words! I will stop talking but I may do a follow up soon. 

Write below your favorite meals! 


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