Bottom Cupcakes and Mexican Food

Yesterday my mom had a conference just around the corner from my new uni home. So after the conference was finished she came round to my house, with some of the things I had forgotten when I moved in.

Because she works within the NHS, she came home (or at least to my home with a beautifully craft cupcake with a bum on it. I have to say it was possibly the weirdest present I have received but that seems to be the case with an NHS Mum.

Anyway after I showed her around the house, I’ve done some re-arranging since she dropped me off (and again today!) We went into town and had a lovely meal together.

We couldn’t decided between 2 places: a Lovely Italian with the riches sauces you can imagine or Las Iguanas a south American restaurant that does everything from Mexican fajitas to Brazilian Curry. In the end we decided on Las Iguanas as it was a firm family favorite, although we hadn’t been in a while.

As soon as you walk into the restaurant I always feel like I am being transported to South America. The Vibrant colours and the music with its dancing beats, the whole experience is amazing.

I decided against my normal drink of Long Island Ice Tea (OMG it is amazing!) As my mum was driving we each had a coke .

I decided to have Gambas to start with (I have also made these at home!) and my Mum had Hot Tostada with Tinga. I have to say I always have the Gambas and I never go wrong! They are perfect, succulent juicy prawns in a tomato sauce with three slices of squidgy bread.


The Hot Tostada looked amazing, three Tortilla’s topped with Tinga and salad with chipotle sauce. My second course was Chicken Fajitas. I love the idea of building my own food, it’s my inner cook. You get guacamole, jalepinoes, Salsa, and yogurt.

I am also in love with their re-fried beans. They are gorgeously dark in colour and have an amazing taste. However I decided not to this time. After eating all that food I normally feel like I can’t move for a week, but as it was the lunchtime menu I decided to get a pudding as well. I went for the Berry Mexican Mess. It was basically an eaton mess style pud, that made my mouth water.

Served in a large Margarita glass (and what bad can come in a margarita glass?) It was filled with Berry’s Mascarpone and Crushed Meringue. The Sweetness of the meringue contrasted against the savory taste of the mascapone to make an amazing explotion of yum in my mouth.

Over all the day was great. I got to see my mum and eat Yum Food.

TOP TIP: If you go before 6:30 you can get your meal for £5. Now that is a deal!

This post was written independently and has no affiliation with Las Iguanas. I just truly love the place.

Such an amazing pudding!


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