A little about me

week seems to be a back to basics, introduction week, for me at uni. I was sitting in my seminar when the lecture turned to the class and said “we will go around the room and say our name and a interesting fact about yourself.”Well I have to say it was quiet comical and a good way to get to know each other.

I starting thinking about how I could use this in my life outside of the classroom. So I am going to do a little post on me and my interesting fact. I would love you all if you wrote a small/ interesting fact about yourself in the comments.

Okay then, my name is Lauren, I am studying Journalism and Media and Communications. My interesting fact is that I have swam in the sea in the Arctic.  So here is the story; hope you enjoy.

When I was a child my family and I would always go on ‘normal’ holidays; france, spain and other European places were a staple holiday destination. However when my Mum met my step dad that all changed.

Colin had always been an adventure traveler, 6 month treks through Africa had become the norm for him, so when he joined my family our holidays become a whole lot more exciting. Only a couple of days after I finished my final A-level examinations I was on an airplane heading to Oslo and then Svalbard.

I have to say the view coming into Svalbard airport was amazing. The snow on the ground surrounded us, I think Narnia could only hope to look so good. While we were in Svalbard we traveled around on a boat, along with about 200 other people, including staff.

Throughout the holiday we traveled around the fjords into places that most boats can’t reach. Each day we would get into a smaller boat, a Zodiac, which would take is to lander, or at least closer to land.

One of the days just before we went onto land there was an announcement that we were been given the opportunity to swim in the sea.

I quickly changed into my Bikini, yes a Bikini in freezing waters, I through my clothes back on and made it to the mud room where we could get in the boat.

While I was waiting for the chance to get into the water, I have to admit I was both extremely nervous, excited and cold.

I can’t mind a picture of me swimming but this is what I swam around.

Just before we swam!


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