Welcome to Squirrel Park


Well that’s my first day of the second year of uni finished with. Although the start and end didn’t go so great, the middle bit (the Lectures/ Seminars) went really well. So to celebrate I thought I would share it with  you.

Chris started his lectures at 9:00 this morning meaning he had to be up earlier than me. We had both set our alarms to make sure that he would get up. So at 8:00 my head was  vibrated (ooh naughty!) by my phone just before the alarm sounded. After a quick cuddle Chris hopped out of bed and into the shower. I have to say that at the moment I rolled over and went back to sleep.

After saying Goodbye to him I got out of bed at 9:20. I hopped into the shower and started getting ready for the day ahead.

Yesterday I had started to get all of my books ready, so all I had to do today was pack them (along with some snacks) into a bag. My first lecture started at 12 so I left my house at 11:30.

I have to say the walk is really nice, I walk along two bike path and then through a park before I get to my University Campus. So now I can explain what squirrel park is, the second bike path I walk down always seems to have squirrels playing or sitting by the side of the path. It kind of makes me feel like I am Cinderella going to uni with the animal cheering me on.

My first lecture was journalism followed by Public relations. Although this week is obviously a welcome to the course, just like in freshers week really, I really enjoyed my lectures and seeing my friends again.

The last thing of the day was a Journalism Seminar. We sorted out what presentations we will all do, which I enjoyed and talked about issues in journalism at the moment. I looked at Privacy.

Of Course as soon as my seminar finished the heavens opened and on my 20 minute walk home I ended up looking like a drowned rat! Ahh pure beauty.

Daily tid-bit: 

*I am hoping to go to the supermarket tonight as I am running short of food 

*I have to get up for a 9:00 Lecture 7:30 get up I think. 

*I really want to do some cooking craving mozzarella!


Hope you have all enjoyed your first days/weeks.


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