Quick Update!

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to give you a quick update so you all know what is going on. I have been posting a lot less recently so I could get down to packing and organizing for going back to university.

Today I am moving into my amazing new house at university and I am truly very excited, so sorry if this update makes no sense! I will be away from my computer from the next few days because we don’t have an internet connection yet 😦 We will see if I can survive without the internet!

While I am away I am hoping to do a few videos about moving into uni and probably write a few posts that will be uploaded later! I would also be interested to know if you would like me to create a youtube channel which would contain day to day content about university!

If you want to be kept updated on the move and my first few days back then check out my facebook Page!

I also wanted to update you on an award I was given by one of my amazing readers! It is the Liebster blog award. If you want to see Jenny’s blog about the award check it out here:  http://jenniferpleung.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/the-liebster-blog-award/ Thank you Jenny!! I literally squeeled when I found out!

Right-io. I will leave you lovely uni-goers to get on with your day while I pack the car up. P.s don’t worry I will be updating LOADS now uni has started!



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