Getting ready: New bag

My new bag!

The days and weeks left until we going back to university seem to be counting down quickly. So it’s time to start getting ready. I am sure if you are about the start your first year then you have already gone out and started buying all your important new things.

So while I was shopping with my best friend, Alisha, the other day I spotted the perfect university bag for me. While I was on holiday in Italy this year I picked up a knock off Louis Vuitton handbag. When I started using the bag I loved that the inside of the bag was divided into three equal with the middle pocket having a separate zip. The three sections meant that I could keep my handbag a little more organized. I am sure you girls know that’s very useful!

So I realized that this is what I want for my University bag. In one day I could have three lectures without time to go back to my house to collect new stuff so I would have to carry it all around. Having the bag divided meant that I could have a section for each of my lectures.

This bag was also really good because it has 3 external pockets for putting loose things in. I will do another blog post when I have all my other uni stuff!

What are you most looking forward to buying?

This bag was brought from The Little Bag Company. I Purchased the bag with my own money and have no affiliation with the company!


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