self tanner: part one

All the tanners I will review.

When I come back from holiday I love that sexy brown glow you get from your relaxing holiday and days spent by the pool. I don’t think I will ever get over than post holiday feeling, its addictive.

If you feel amazing in your post holiday bronzed body then you may well want to start off your university career bronzed. I am not suggesting you all jump on a plane the week before freshers week and head off to hotter climate. However I am suggesting you get your fake tan out and turn your bathroom into a holiday resort.

If you are thinking about tanning for university then I have some reviews of a number of fake tanning products I own.

Garnier body Summer body.

Garnier summer body says it is a Moisturising lotion sun-kissed look. In one step, Summer body moisturising lotion moisturises your skin from morning until evening whist gradually building a natural looking tan in harmony with your skin.

I have a slight confession to put at the beginning of this review, when I was purchasing this product I had actually been looking at the Light Sun-kissed look. However when I walked to the cashier I managed to pick up the wrong bottle and got the Deep Sun-Kissed look. The Deep Sun-Kissed bottle is actually designed for people with a darker complexion. As I am very pale this is obviously not designed for me.

The bottle is 400ml and only costs £3.55. Which I think is a great price for what you get, I have defiantly got normal moisturizer for more.

When applying this it comes out as a white lotion that you would expect from a normal moisturizer. While I applied it I tried hard to make sure that I had an even layer of product all over my body because I didn’t want to have an uneven tan.

Once I had applied the lotion my skin felt very moustirsed but It still felt wet for a really long time which meant I didn’t want to put my clothes on. Lucky I did this in the afternoon before a night out so I could stay in my room and didn’t have to go out for anything. However I feel this would not feel great just before putting my clothes on for uni.

By the time it came time to put my dress on for the night out my tan had defiantly developed. However despite my work trying to keep the lotion even I still had very noticeable streaks. Luckily I was going to a nightclub, aka a very dark place so it wasn’t so noticeable. However if I use it again it will be very cautiously! So overall not a great review on that one.

Soap and Glory- Glow lotion

I have to say I am a little bit of a Soap and Glory addict. I love their products, I have never found a product I don’t like, and who doesn’t love their names! Which leads me on to one of the downfalls of this product; the name Glow lotion doesn’t have the normal imaginative name which I was disappointed about.

This product says it’s a drop dead gorgeous highlighting shimmer lotion for the body. I was given this as a birthday present on a gift box with some other bronze-tastic gifts, however this product is 150ml and costs £5.50.

Now I’m not sure how well this fits into a self-tanner blog review as it is technically not a self tanner but I kind of use it that way so hope you don’t mind.

The tanner or highlight itself is a pink-peach shade with sparkle in it. On very pale skin tones, aka me without sun, it can add a slight tan but it mainly adds a great shimmer. I love this on a night out as it does make your skin look healthy.

When you put it on, you can use the squirt pump to apply it with your hands or straight onto your skin and then rub it in.

Although this isn’t great as a self-tanner which it hasn’t actually claimed to be . However this is great to either put on over a fake tanner or alone on a extra special night.

More self tanners coming soon


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