A little song for your day!

So I know I have been bad over the past few days but I have been a little bit poorly so I couldn’t blog, However I am back and feeling so much better, so lets get blogging!

I know the past few days will have been an amazing Roller Coaster of emotions for most of you who are reading this. Weather you managed to get into your first choice uni or you had to go through clearing it is still such a shocking experience. I hope you have all managed to get into a university and are now looking forward to doing your favorite subject at uni.

However If you haven’t managed to get in, if you are still going through clearing or if you have just realised that now you actually have to go and live with a load of strangers, then I have something I would like to think can help.

On my last GCSE History lesson, just before we broke up, my teacher, Miss J, played us a song that she was played when she was leaving school. She told us at the time she was played the song, she didn’t understand it as well as she does now. After living life a bit she now agrees with this song.

As soon as she played the song to me it became one of the songs that I look at when I am struggling. It’s not so much a song you can sing along to but it is great for making you think about life.

I hope you enjoy it!


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