Results: How did you do?

I can’t believe it has been a year since I was sitting at my mum’s house waiting for my results. I remember after I found out that I had gotten into my first choice I went on facebook to see how everyone had done.

It was one of those days were a million things happen. All my friends were texting me “how did you do?” “Have you got in?” “YAY! I’ve got into uni!” My family were on the landline tentatively asking how I did. What will happen now, and planning the best way to celebrate!

My Facebook newsfeed was filled with status’ about results, changes of address to university halls and education updates. The feeling of excitement washes over me again just thinking of it. Everyones joy was felt through the social media networks and my phone.

However this year I woke up at 7:15 to a quiet house. I am pretty sure everyone is still asleep. In a house that last year had three people getting results (2 A-level and one GCSE) we now have no-one. It’s kind of eerie in a way imagining the excitement of last year; it seems so long ago.

I logged on to facebook today expecting the same rush of updates but there is nothing! I don’t know what my younger friends are thinking, I need to know! So I doubt any of you are following this today, after all you should be celebrating, but if you are let me know how you did.

Have you got into uni? What are you doing there? What uni are you in?

Good luck. I am excited for you!


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