Give me the money: Ebay

I know I have been really bad recently but I have had a lot going on. So today I have decided to start a new blogging series, as you may guess from the picture above it is called give me the money!

We all know that going to university is an expensive decision, and with tuition fees now costing £9,000 a year it is only getting worse. So before you go to university its a great idea to have some money stored away, for a not so rainy day.


For those of you who don’t know about Ebay, where have you been? Ebay is an online auction site where you can buy and sell things from all over the world, and trust me when I say you can buy ANYTHING!

Obviously this post isn’t going to be about the best things you can buy, although you can get some deals, a great way to make a bit of extra uni money is by selling some stuff.

Do you have any clothes that are a little small for you? Books that you read when you were 12 but you really don’t care about what was going on in the OC anymore (guilty!) Well someone in the wide world may want to have you 5 year old top. So why not sell it?

I do sometimes feel bad about selling my things as normally, if I wasn’t selling them, they would go to the charity shop. However it normally takes about a year for the clothes to get there. However I still think that as a student we can get away with selling our things, otherwise I might be the charity.

I now have a basket in my room marked Ebay and every time I find something that has become to small or I no longer want, I just put it into the box so I can put it on ebay when I have time.

My Ebay Tips!

-Try not to put too much on ebay at one time.

I always find that I only like to have a couple of things being sold on ebay at a time. This means that if I have any questions then I know what item they are talking about.

-Make sure you are making money

There is obviously no point in selling something on ebay if you end up paying more to ship it than you get back. Work out how much a package will cost before hand.


When you are trying to sell your things you need to make your description interesting and make the product sound good

A blue denim jacket 

this doesn’t sound as good  as

A light blue cropped denim jacket with distress detail. 

So I hope you can make some great money selling the stuff you don’t want. Also watch out for the rest of this series.

Lauren x


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