My Emergency Bag!

My Handbag Emergency Bag!

Since I have my new handbag, which I wrote about in my last post, I have decided to become more organized. You will see a pattern in my blogs coming up!

So I have created a small Survival kit that I carry around in my handbag and I thought I would share it with you.

Impulse Temptation.

The first product I have in my kit is an Impulse spray in ‘Temptation’. This is a spray one of my friends brought for me a while back and I don’t normally see the point of a body spray. I use deodorant and perfume normally but I thought it would be a great if it’s a hot day or I have been rushing around and I need a quick refresh.

I also have Vaseline in Rosy Lips. I quiet often find I have dried lips so this just helps to keep them soft. Vaseline is also one of those useful things to have.

My Makeup Compact.

This is a great product for on the go makeup touch-up. It has a relatively large mirror, a cream to powder foundation and a small sponge for application. So, it’s basically it has everything you need, I often use it if my foundation is starting to fade.

Bach Recue Remedy.

I first discovered rescue remedy while I was on holiday in South Africa and I was amazed that this magical little product made me feel so much better when I was ill. So it is now a must have! You only need a few drops of the liquid either into water or directly down your throat. It really seems to work!

Sex In the City perfume. Perfect size.

This perfume was given to me in a box set ages ago. It’s not my favorite scent so at home it doesn’t get used but it is the perfect size for on the go! The more I use it the more I like it.

My tablets.

I have one strip of my tablets. This means that if I end up stopping over at someones house or forget to take  my tablets I have them in my bag.

Ibuprofen. take away any hangover!

Ibuprofen is my painkiller of choice to use and it always comes in useful.

So what would you carry in your emergency bag?

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