Job interview: informal

Sorry about the fact that I keep putting off the rest of my first year recap! It’s so hard to write. I am still trying though. However I have for you today a few tips and ideas for going to an informal interview. Mine was an informal job interview, but any type of interview could work.

Dress code:

I always find that for an interview it is best to be cautious, by this I mean even if they say it is an informal interview you should dress up for the occasion. Going in jeans and a t-shirt gives the interviewer the idea you don’t care about the job. This is suitable for a CV drive, where you hand out your CV to a number of companies if they are a casual company but not right for an interview.

For women a skirt or formal dress could be appropriate as long as it is just above the knee or longer. However if you are more confident in trousers  black or grey fitted trousers can look good. Remember you are not seducing your employer to get the job so don’t go into a job interview with your boobs hanging out. A plain top that doesn’t have too much cleavage is best for a job interview. Don’t forget: a blazer always makes an outfit look more formal.

For men you can wear black or grey trousers and may possibly get away with wearing chinos, although they should be in a formal color, Black, navy ect. A shirt is the best option especially if you are wearing chinos. A tie would be acceptable but you can decide if you think it goes with our outfit. Don’t forget that you can never go to formal (unless your in a bow tie!)

Before the interview 

It’s best that you have a basic knowledge of the company before you go. You should know what the company do and how they run. Are they a direct to customers company (i.e a shop) What is their product.

Knowing the basics about the business will allow you to answer the questions they ask you as well as make a conversation without sounding stupid.

Before you get to your interview you can think of some of the questions they are likely to ask. If you are really nervous or unsure then you can get a friend or family member to give you a mock interview. Think Bryn’s mock interview with Stacey on Gavin and Stacey, but hopefully a little easier.

What to do in your interview

Make sure you take a CV with you, my dad is an interview expert and he has taught me about interview from a young age. I always take at least one CV with me, although I often take more, it means that if they don’t have your CV to hand you can give them another one. Or if for some reason they haven’t seen your CV they can.

My step sister went to the same interview as me today, and she didn’t take hers and they wanted one from her. This obviously didn’t make the best impression she could have done. 

In your interview make sure you introduce yourself to your interviewer. Some people have certain rules about shaking hands. I always find it’s best to let the interviewer decide if they are going to shake your hand.

Sell, sell, sell. The whole point of your interview is to show the interviewer that you are the best person for the job. This means that you need to sell yourself, however your not perfection. You should keep in mind that if you say your amazing at everything then people will stop believing you. You need to be honest with your strengths and weaknesses. Some interviewers actually ask for weaknesses as well as your strengths.

I am going to stop now as this is going on forever but I hope this has helped some of you.

Lauren x


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