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Hi I’m really sorry about the delay I have been having jaw problems and then being my clumsy self fell down the stairs today so I am recovering that. Really sorry! x

I saw this article online at Telegraph today about university. Having spent a year at university I have found this article interesting and a little worrying.

The article talks about how there are not enough jobs around for graduates so we are basically paying for our eduction and going through all this for nothing! Here is the article!

Surprised to hear that more than 20,000 graduates from the year of 2011 were still unemployed six months after they graduated? We shouldn’t be. This is a full-scale tragedy written, orchestrated and adapted for real life by the Government, and the victims are our young people.

We need to see the figures that show employment numbers broken down to show the difference between the “new” universities, and Oxbridge or older, more established universities. We need the figures broken down also by degree subject. If they are, we start to see the true story: aspirational young people encouraged to go to universities that lack credibility to study subjects employers don’t want. Result? Massive debt, wasted years and slapping hamburgers in an outlet where the manager joined McDonald’s straight from school.

It’s our fault we’ve let our young people down. We have no definition of what a university is – is it academic, vocational, for research or for use as a finishing school? Is it what we understand by a university, or simply a glorified college? We have no real means of matching the numbers taking degrees to the needs of either the country or the employment market. We can’t fund the universities we have, and the contact time on some arts courses is derisory.

The funding crisis created by maniac expansion threatens our world-class universities with demotion, as well as the creation of a disaffected generation who feel they were sold a pup. Is there anyone in there brave enough in there to admit that we can’t afford to send 50 per cent of our young people to university, they can’t afford it and we really need to bring back the distinction between College and University? Or are we happier to have thousands of new unemployed who as well as no jobs have no prospect of paying back the £30,000 debt they acquired to prove there were no jobs for them?

So what do you think are we doing this for no reason? Should uni only be for the privileged elite? Let me know below.


3 thoughts on “Hi I’m really …

  1. Totally agree with this “We need to see the figures that show employment numbers broken down to show the difference between the “new” universities, and Oxbridge or older, more established universities. We need the figures broken down also by degree subject.”… Surely medics are not part of this statistic (given all the placements they have to do anyway) … Perhaps figures from the Russell group as well, just throwing out figures isn’t helpful unless they are specific. And if you do break it down say 20,000 over the est. 300 establishments 66 unemployed students per establishment it really isn’t that high? Maybe higher than past figures, but how different will it be from continental Europe and US. I think the problem is what are college students supposed to do? The economy has changed and many low to middle sector jobs are disappearing (secretaries, low-level engineers, cashiers) so there really isn’t anything clear cut for them to do after they have finished college. And to be fair I’ve never seen employers asking for your A Level results? It’s either your GCSE’s or University grades.
    And no university isn’t for the privileged elite it is for the academically able; privileged or not, we have to remember it is not for everyone and it was never intended to be this way.

    • I couldn’t agree more with the idea that university shouldn’t be for the privileged. Not everyone can handle or wants to handle uni. However we are seeing more people going to uni than every before so can we sustain this? Will I have a degree level job when i finnish. I think it’s an interesting debate.
      Thanks for joining the blog!

      • In terms of sustainability we will learn along way by analysing what other countries have done. Particularly the nordic countries and asia. It’s only natural to worry, I find myself wondering will I be where I want to be in 3-4 years time.
        Your welcome 🙂

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