Review year one: My results

I remember the build up to my results day. I was convinced I wouldn’t get into university. I had made the foolish mistake of choosing my two final options as two places that had asked for the same amount of points? Why I hear you ask. Well a) because I was foolish, I made the choice without the proper time to think it through. In fact I hadn’t even visited my first choice when I put it down! b) because I was so surprised to have been offered a place. One of them I had to send off a virtual interview, to a camera, the second I had never thought I would get it! It was my highest jump to get there. They both gave me offers and I worked to get them so that’s where I wanted to go.

So if I didn’t get into one I didn’t get into any. Now thats pressure! My Sixth Form had set up stands in the hall on results day with universities close by who would be able to give you a clearing offer then and there. I had the number ready to phone I was pretty much ready to go. My mum had taken the day off work so she would be able to take me. I have never been the smartest girl in the world, I have struggled through school battling dyslexia and was always the ‘dumb’ one of my group. However the thought of not getting in still panicked me.

6:30, thats the time my results were published on the college website. I logged onto the website scared stiff. I’d told my family I was going to university what do I say when I don’t get in? I looked at the results and my stomach dropped; I didn’t get it. I was a few marks off the grade I needed, I wanted to cry.

I logged onto the UCAS website waiting to go through the clearance system. I needed a number? I didn’t really understand but I would  sort it out. It took a few attempts to log in. UCAS tends to crash a little on results day, well we all want to know if we got in don’t we. (You can ring I think!) There it was My first choice university- Accepted.

They decided that the few marks didn’t count and gave me the place anyway. I am into university.

My friends and I had arranged to go out that night to celebrate. Everyone I have spoken to says the best night to go out is results night. (Would it be bad to do it again this year?) Everyone is so excited to get into university, or is drowning their sorrows. My friends and I met up to see who got into where and what they were doing.

Not all of my friends managed to get into their first choice. In fact one of my friends didn’t get into either of his options. Although this initially seems like the worst thing that can happen, in fact it is not. My lovely friend has also just finished his first year of university because he went through clearing with the help from our sixth form.

All of my friends that wanted to go to university have now finished their first year of university. I know many of you are currently worrying about getting your results but I hope that this has helped you to not worry just a little bit.

How are you feeling about your results and what do you want to do?

Lauren x


2 thoughts on “Review year one: My results

  1. This has actually helped me chill out a bit! Results are 3 weeks today, it’s taking forever 😦 Glad I found your blog!

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