Freshers food: Beans on toast!

Beans on toast is a staple of a uni students diet. In fact it’s almost a whole food group in its self. I was amazed when reading online that a Canadian born woman had never heard of beans on toast!

If you haven’t you honestly missing out! It’s the easiest food to prepare and tastes really good. You literally just get some baked beans and pour them on top of toast, normally you have 2 slices of toast cut in half creating 4 pieces of toast.

As I said before this is a staple at uni so I thought I would share some ways to make your beans on toast even better.

My beans on toast

My favorite beans on toast recipe is with cheese!


  • Half a tin of Heinz beans
  • 2 slices of toast
  • Butter
  • cheddar cheese.

Cook your beans in the microwave, making sure they are in a microwave save dish. It should take about 1 minute.

While the beans are cooking butter you toast and cut both slices in half and put on a plate.

Pour the beans over the top making sure to cover the toast

Grate the cheese onto the top of the bread and beans. A smaller grater works better as you need less cheese!

My dads way!

There are two ways my dad makes baked beans. The first way is to follow the same instructions of the recipe above but instead of cheese use Brown Sauce. The best way to make sure you have enough is to go backwards and forwards to create lines.

The second idea is to add a Kick! Add a fresh chilli or Chili Powder into the tomatoe sauce. Tastes amazing

Make it posh

Another way, that I have seen getting more common recently is to put a poached egg on top. A great way to poach an egg is by using the pods that are now available. Just put the pod in boiling water and it will cook the egg perfectly! Place the egg on top of the beans when finnished!


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