Review: The Sanctuary Salt Scrub

The packaging

So I decided that I would start of the health and beauty section of this blog by talking to you about a product that I have just used and to be honest loved.

I am by no means a regular salt scrub user, I have used shop brought products as well as made my own but I don’t do it every week. However after cleaning like  mad to move my boyfriend and I out of the halls we have been living in this year I felt like I deserved a little bit of a pamper so I hopped in the bath and grabbed The Sanctuary Salt Scrub.

The Sanctuary claims that the salt scrub is to relax and indulge in the bath. “Exfoliate your skin with Dead Sea Salts, whilst moisturising with sweet almond and evening primrose oil.”

As you can see from the picture above the packaging is a really simple sachet that you just tear at the top. The product itself is, as you would expect the product  looks like chunks of sea salt however as soon as you touch the product you can feel the oil that is also in the product. I feel like I should mention this isn’t a horrible slimy oil feeling, more an intensely moisturizing feel.

The leftover Salt

The packet suggests getting into the bath and massage the scrub into your body in circular motions. Then you should lay back and allow the bath water to wash off the scrub. The one problem I found with this was that you do have to stand up in the bath to get all the areas I wanted to,  i.e. top of your leg. However feeling it wash away and the oil in the bath was very luxurious. The smell is also amazing, it has an aromatherapy quality to it I think which is obviously relaxing in the bath.

Packaging when I had used it

I was a little skeptical about the idea that this would actually moisturize my skin. It pretty much washes right off when I was in the bath so how can that actually moisturize? If I did that with regular moisturiser it wouldn’t be any use but this really does feel amazing once I got out of the bath I really felt like I had just bathed in moisturizer.

When I’m at University I obviously can’t have a bath, you can barely sit down in my bathroom so since I have been back I think I have been making up for them. So bathe while you can!


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