The Hangover part 2: The morning after the night before

I am back again with the second part of the hangover cures! This time I will be looking at what you can do to help get over your hangover the day after you have been drinking.

I’m not doing sport!

One of the best things I think you can drink the morning after a night out is a sports drink. They are specifically made to rehydrated your body and according to some of the brands can be more hydration than water. My favorite is Lucozade sport in raspberry. It’s not too sweet but is also refreshing

It’s tradition

Yes, everyone knows of the world most famous hangover cure. The amazing Fried breakfast Yum! I have a few recommendations of places to get your fried cure. If you live in England then look out for a pubs that are part of the scream pub collection. They have great breakfast and they are super cheap! If you don’t then take a look at your Students Unions. Again my SU sells a full english for a couple of quid!

No longer fizzy

This one is for when you are feeling/ being sick! I have no idea how this is meant to help but I have received this advice from a doctor. They said that if you are vomiting then you should try and drink fizzy drinks that have gone flat. I think that it should be flat because it is much easier to keep down if you are ill and the sugar in the drinks give you energy. I have no idea if this is true though!

hair of the dog

I have to admit that the other week I was very a little bit ill after drinking the night before. My boyfriend was determined that the thing that would make me better. I didn’t try it though!

Brush your teeth

I know this seems really strange but if your feeling really ill you are unlikely to want to stick a toothbrush in your mouth. However the minty taste in the toothpaste wakes me up and helped me feel better but I hated the idea! If you really feel like you can’t stomach a toothbrush use mouth wash.


This is another I picked up last week but I thought I would share! I found that once i had my boyfriend in my flat talking to me and taking my mind off my rubbish-ness I felt a lot better. I also think something about not wanting to throw up in front of him may have also helped lol! but it’s still a good plan, it stops you feeling sorry for yourself.

So those are my tips on how to feel better once the hangover has hit. I hope you enjoyed it and feel better now you hangover is in the past.

Bye x

Daily nugget!

-Ironically I wrote this while my boyfriend is out! might be using these tips for him tomorrow!

-I had a great birthday and will be celebrating jointly with my bf on wednesday.

-His friends are down on friday. Might do a blog post on having friends at uni!


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