How we met: Best friends

This blog post is a little late because when this was meant to be posted I was in the middle of the transition to this blog. So sorry it’s late but this is dedicated to my best friend. To celebrate her 19th birthday and our 8 years of being friends.

Two young girls stood in a crowded school hall, the DJ trying to get all of the students on to the dance floor. I stood against the wall next to my friend, all the strangers around the room seemed so terrifying. In a few months I, along with all of the other people around this room, would be starting this new school. Would I become friends with these people? Would they hate me? I didn’t know what would happen.

People started walking around the room pulling the young students onto the makeshift dance floor. My friend and I were moved into the middle with some other people. We danced together as the DJ played some cheesey song.After a few minutes my friend spotted someone she knew. We walked over to the girl, she was standing, just as we had been before, her back against the wall. However she didn’t have a friend next to her, she didn’t know anyone else here.

We started talking to the girl, her name was Alisha. 8 years later Alisha and I are best friends, we have spent some great times together. We have shared secrets, made memories and gone through everything together. I truly love her; she is amazing and inspirational.

So that is how I met the best person in my life.

Happy birthday Lish! Sorry this is late. (this should have been published 28/june.)


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